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I can see like you know both getting some benefit Head you know within their own bases of support you clearly. You know within the hardcore base democratic party. They're getting nothing but you know applause for what they're doing by being in dc And same thing with the republicans. They're getting applause for like. Hey we're trying to push these tax cuts and or you know property tax relief but we can't do it because of those stinking democrats that please pretty well within the republican ranked. But does that affect you know all the texans in the middle. Not so sure about that. We've talked a lot about the house. Democrats the fact that they are in a hotel. That's not a glamorous hotel in washington. Jeremy th the plaza. Are you familiar with that. One washington plaza stare at the past appointed pointed out last week that there's not even a bar in the lobby so it's not like the some five star resort that they're so that's the house democrats. What about the senate democrats all the last week. The senate was passing bills because they had a quorum in the texas senate because there were four senators were democrats who stayed in austin while nine of them went to washington. Will all of them came. Back to austin after the senate had concluded its business on the senate side. They've passed all the bills. That governor abbott has asked them to pass at this point. That's the point. That tenant governor. Patrick has made The senate democratic caucus chair. Carol alvarado from houston said that some of them went to. That's true but now they're all back here to bring the fight to the texas capitol. Despite our best efforts in this bill continues to make it troublesome for our disabled for our seniors allows untrained partisan poll-watchers to bully profile and invade those privacy. It bans options that make it easier to vote for working class doing away with the twenty four hour voting and the drive thru voting. It makes it harder to assist the elderly and disabled and it does not allow for online voter registration now more than ever as a caucus. We're here to uphold that every promise. Not just promised for certain people would have promised to all people that we stand for making it easier at the ballot box and we will continue to take this fight on senator. John whitmire is the dean of the senate. He said governor. Abbot should meet with all the stakeholders on this including the democratic legislators not just other republicans and fox news hosts and people like that you have a responsibility to represent our constituents as well as others. I have worked under seven governors. The power of the governor's office is great in seventy eight as a young state rep. I didn't wanna do something. I didn't wanna lord the speed limit because the federal government said you will or you'll lose your federal funding. I thought i was representing my district. Saying no doff. Go called me into his office. He called other house members. We heard each other's views. We came together with a solution governor. Abbot you haven't had one democratic senator in your office. You spent more time with the governor of florida. Then you have these honorable members of the senate and the house to break is house has to go to washington as the senators have done is part of the legislative process. Those of us here on the floor last week fox is best. We could to represent our districts. We actually oppose arsenic colleagues proposals. I still think sarah lucio's bills bad. We fought in were affected on the senate floor while our colleagues were fighting in talking to the national leadership..

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