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Live from toronto canada the conspiracy show with richard serra and welcome to the audio imaginarium come on in weary traveler hang your cloak pay grab a stool and come gather round the fire there are stories to be told in you are among france happy candidate one hundred and fifty one years young and she doesn't look a year over one hundred and thirty she must be taking lots of wild oregano oil we'll find out more about that in a moment if you hear fireworks in the background don't be alarmed that's because i'm coming to you live from my home studio my little studio beneath the stairs tonight as i like to call it and there are a number of small i guess you would call them independent fireworks displays happening in the neighborhood in the park next door in fact and probably in a few backyards around the neighborhood a we have hung our big flag out in front of the house no fireworks at our place this year i normally do fireworks for my boys in the park twice a year may twenty fourth and candidate day but it happens to a fallen on a sunday and it's a work day a however we're gonna make it up to them because wednesday we're all in a train to ottawa for the us celebration july fourth and the mighty aphrodite he has been invited to the us ambassador to canada kelly crafts fourth of july party at her residence a big backyard do it's cold red white and bourbon apparently kelly crafts husband is in the bourbon manufacturing business there from kentucky so that'll be a great party she's invited not me let me be perfectly clear about that they're not going to allow the riffraff in there so she'll be there enjoying the fireworks at embassador crafts residents and i'll be with the boys we'll have a great time at ottawa the war museum and the parliament buildings and a very nice hotel and a nice swimming pool and will enjoy sort of an extended canada day weekend well into next week ian is back in master control my fine rockabilly friend ian robertson and a ryan is up at his family's cottage and albert is taking candidate day off so we will soldier on in their absence in our two of the program don don dairy codeveloper of the american personality inventory api he developed that tests along with budd hopkins to assess the validity of a report that someone has been abducted by extraterrestrials it's an alien abduction tests folks and dawn will be also a featured speaker at the move on two thousand eighteen symposium which is coming up later this month in philadelphia i stop if you're hiking in the woods this long holiday weekend make sure you're wear long pants and you pull your socks up over your pants granted you're not gonna win any fashion awards but you might just prevent yourself from getting lime disease it is that time of the year folks the ticks are out there not everywhere but you might we want you might wanna check online to see if you're living in an infected area and it often goes undiagnosed and it can develop into a chronic debilitating condition my next guest stomps around in the woods for a living and he contracted lyme disease several years ago and it wasn't it went undetected and it left him in a wheelchair but he beat it and he's here to tell you how cassie ingram is a nutritional physician who received a bs bachelor of science in biology and chemistry from the university of northern iowa and a do from the university of osteopathic medicine and health sciences in des moines dr ingram has.

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