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West Covina and we're checking the other rough spots out there in less than four minutes its five fifty two time for today's KNX football insider reports with rams hall of Famer Jackie Slater and decals and Randy cartoon and rob archer Jackie before we get to the rams let's talk about the good news your son Matthew named AFC special teams player of the week with patriots of here's what I think I I think the rams could use some yeah the rest could use a few Matthew Slater is on the same well the young man loves what he's doing that he's he's grown up watching the game of love in the game and and the thing that most impressed with the to me about him is that everybody on his team is the very best at what they do that he's ever seen in his life he does that all the team mates and I think that's a special quality they have to be really good if you're on crack and we were talking about this the fact that Matthew has been on the team what a dozen years yeah well he was drafted there in the late I believe it was that brown and just didn't really have a role in the economy will be a special team got bored and I get the feeling is that is the last week of the year but he's just really grown and kind of taking charge of it back there thank you dearest accepts dad who's a twenty years as the rams lineman it all started let's talk a little bit about the rams one of the things that we have to look at right now I thank god and importantly so is all the money they're paid to the team and everything that they have given up that they no longer have any options basically did get a good draft choice or anything to cut a sort of get this team back on track I mean they have given up a lot and we're not saying a lot from what they've given out yeah well the the strategy that you know a lot of people will question but I'm sure that the general manager has a plan and and what he is doing here it would appear that the guys that are that they're paying are going to have to step up and be more productive and it would also appear that there's not going to be money enough to go on line you know top tier talent now because you you are over extended at this point a bit and sold most of the guys are going to contribute to your team mobile apps the young and inexperienced guys and guys are maybe a little longer in to that will settle for less money Jackie we talk about the fact that everybody thinking about what is the reason the rams of sort of gone south this season compared to last year we hear about injuries to the offense of line Jared Goff struggles but there is something that I believe that you really think is a key that no one's really talking about and that's the coaching staff your ledger users group so much attention will how special he was in any year but some young guy and everything but the last year he lost twenty years NFL coaching experience as play callers off of his staff can you imagine three guys and Greg Olsen madness lords act sailor and of course John make they sitting in a room and coming up with plague I mean it would just be an unbelievable opportunity to explore defenses and utilize your your talents to the maximum the maximum of disability ramps all of Famer Jackie Slater California leads in the number.

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