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Triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also at pat unleashed on twitter. Bill gates talking to a believe. Jake tapper about first policy. The america first approach to receiving the vaccine. The president wants to take care of americans. Here's what bill gates thinks about that. President trump signed an executive order That prioritizes distribution of the vaccine to americans Before it goes to people in other countries it's not entirely clear how the order will achieve that. But what do you think of that. Strategy that approach that everyone in the united states should be vaccinated first and then the us should pivot or these private company should pivot to helping the rest of the world. Why we need help all of humanity here Know we want the world economy. Be going we want to minimize the deaths and You know the. The basic technology is a german company and so international sharon cooperation has been disruptive and a mistake during this entire pandemic so positive to ramp. Virtually all of the companies that have developed vaccines are. Us companies. pfizer did work with bio intech in germany. They developed it together. Madonna is a an american company. Johnson and johnson is an american company. Astrazeneca is an american company. All of these people have have developed these things. Here in america for the most part and also why wouldn't you focus on your own country first and then spread it out to the rest of the world just i mean unbelievable to me that the globalist mindset that we have a responsibility to take care of everybody before ourselves. I'm sorry. what are the instructions on an airline win the cabin depressurizes and the oxygen masks. Drop down from that panel above your head. What is a what is a flight attendant to put yours on first then assist your children put yours on first and then assist everybody else. So why is that. Why why do we have that instruction well so you can take care of somebody else because if you pass out. You're not going to be able to help your kids. are you going to be. They're going to be lost without you. So if the if the united states of america goes down who's going to help the rest of the world then who's going to take care of everybody else. You gotta take care of yourself. I get on solid footing and then we can go take care of the of the world like we always do. I mean who on this planet has ever offered more aid to everybody else than the united states. We are always the first. On the scene of every single disaster we give by far More charitable donations to the rest of the world in foreign aid and And in private citizen aid by far more than anybody in the world probably more than the rest of the world combined. I mean our charitable giving tops. Three hundred billion a year like thirty to fifty billion of that comes from the us government. The rest is from us corporations and private citizens we always take care of the rest of the world. I wonderful was bill gates when he stole the technology that made him a billionaire from zero oxen. Ibm he took the the the mouse from. I believe it was xerox. And i believe the operating system came from ibm and then he knew how to apply those. Two things xerox. Ibm didn't really know what they had available to. Them gates was smart enough to figure that out but he did take the technology from them when when the money started rolling in did he take care of everybody else i did. He start setting all that all that money to other people or did he become a billion. I the richest man in the world. I and then start his philanthropic adventures. Let's see the rest of this So we need to ramp up the capacity of all the vaccines There will be some additional ones approved in the months ahead. Easier to scale up to manufacturing Button also the. Us has benefited from other countries. Work here and we shouldn't entirely selfish and how we go forward that's us. We're selfish so in your view. America first as the president might call it. Not the right approach. And what a surprise that we'd stream idea that Everybody should die until we have a very last american vaccinated by that. Yeah that was the executive order that The trump signed everybody else in the world should die until we have every last american vaccinated then with everybody else dead. We won't have to distribute the vaccine to anybody. How ridiculous is this guy all. Does he have more so the idea that everybody should die. Until we have the very last american vaccinated. That's ardley the appropriate response. Yeah nobody's suggesting it either is the interesting thing about that. Nobody suggesting that everybody else in the world should die before they get the vaccine. I don't know i. I don't understand it i really don't understand it. We all wanna take care of everybody else if we can. We wanna help other other people. Give them a hand up instead of a handout. But again there is a concept that you take care of yourself first so that you're alive and around and healthy enough to offer assistance to the rest of the world. How did you not get as the third richest person on earth. And this guy's mr vaccine. He he believes Strongly vaccines vaccines should come in fact With the ability to sterilize women so that we can Accomplish zero population growth. One of his deals a lot of people don't know his. His father was at one point ahead of planned parenthood the head of planned parenthood. So he's a big zero population guy now. Speaking of the vaccine. This is kind of interesting. Apparently vacs vaccine people. The people have developed pfizer madonna..

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