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Of the program is live and we appreciate you continuing to join us. More of your calls and meanwhile, Brandon gall joins us with Athlon. He's also a radio host and who has been in here recently and we're delighted to say hello to Brandon Brandon. First of all, thanks for help. I'm sorry. Let me get your name right. First of all, I don't know. I keep seeing the sign about Brandon everywhere and I got confused. Sorry, I was right. It was up right there. Braden, thank you. And my apologies. I was rushing so much to thank you for filling in for us a few weeks ago. I got your name incorrect, which next time you fill in, you can just talk about your posting the sol fine bomb show. How are you, by the way? I'm great. It's been a great couple of weeks with talking season getting started early this year. So I know it's been great. It's great to be here and I appreciate you having. I know, I think I saw an Athlon the other day at an airport, and I can't wait to dig into it, but it is usually that first magazine that comes out, I remember going back in history, I think it had that reputation, and we couldn't wait to run down to the drug store. And get it in terms of just putting things into a magazine that a lot of us suspect, but don't know. What goes into all of that? A whole lot of spreadsheets. And for those that don't know a drug store is a place where they sell prescription medication and various other things for those of you who don't order it all at home. No, it takes months and months and months. It used to be a much larger process. It's been trimmed obviously with the print industry, but at the same time, you look at roster management, which is like the biggest issue for all head coaches right now in college football. That's the biggest issue for us, putting the magazine together is just the transfer portal and all this stuff and even things in the magazine aren't necessarily exactly right because kids are still making decisions later in the process than ever before. So I think still roster management is much like most head coaches. That's the most difficult job. A part of the job right now when it comes to putting the magazine together. But otherwise, it's a lot of arguing and sitting in meetings and throwing staplers at each other and things of that nature before we decide on who's going to be number four this year, which was our biggest debate. And Braden, you want to get it out, but you also don't want to get the wrong quarterback at the wrong school. So what is the drop dead date? A couple of weeks ago, I don't have that date exact, but it's generally the end of April. We've had a couple of really major, but not screw ups, but there was a motorcycle accident allegedly allegedly in the SEC a couple years back that we happened after we went to press. Everett golson transferred to Florida state one year from Notre-Dame. He was on the cover of a magazine, which was probably one of our bigger issues, but at some point you have to push it out the door and be done with it. And once that happens, it's out of your hands. And so then you just sort of a lot of hail marys that nothing's going to happen. Weird. I think the Jim trestle thing at Ohio State happened after we went to press. By a good margin. So those things happen and you just got to, it's just part of the game. Yeah, Jim trus was Memorial Day weekend. The accident. The other action I think was April fools day, wasn't it? The motorcycle. That's about right. By the way, do you happen to have, I love that if you still have one of those cover shots, I'd love to, that would be a collector's item. So you mentioned, I didn't mean to bury the leader. You were talking about the great debate. So take us into the dark room, Braden, what were the big debates that all of you had to deal with before settling on however you ended up doing it? Well, all the people you have on your show, I think everyone's discussing who number four is. And I think you can make the case for, I don't know, 15 or 20 teams, honestly. Like Michigan was 26 or 27 last year in the preseason rankings, and then they go into Ohio stare, they take a House state at home and they beat them and they had one loss, they get in as an unranked pre season team. So, you know, Cincinnati was a preseason top ten team last year. I think it's more about the G 5 thing that made them more of a surprise. So Alabama Ohio State and Georgia are pretty clear. I think no matter what poll you look at in the pre season no matter what magazine you buy, you're probably going to see those three in some order at the top. Alabama was a no brainer for us at number one. I think you could argue Georgia belongs at number two and we're going to see two more meetings between those two this year. I understand the argument for Ohio State. After that, it's all hands on deck because Clemson is the pick we have, but I don't feel great about it. They've got the best defensive line in the country, and this is my company answer here, Paul, which is Afghan likes Clemson at number four because the path through the ACC is better for them than almost anybody else. A and M's got a tougher path, Michigan's gonna have a tougher path. The big 12 may not be good enough to pack 12 may not be good enough. But anybody from Ford about 20, we've got Miami at number 20 and they could win that we've got them winning the coastal division and playing in the AC championship game. If Tyler Van Dyke hits and Mario Cristobal hits and all of a sudden Miami's good, like I wouldn't be surprised if a team ranked 1819 or 20 ends up in that four slot. So that was the toughest. I've been an athlete since O 7. This was the toughest decision we've ever made, was the number four team in the playoff in this magazine. So we picked Clemson. I totally understand the argument for 15 other teams. Yeah, and Clemson, they do not have Georgia to open the season with, so that's a break. I don't even know who is their non conference game to begin their tough non conference chair. I don't have the schedule in front of me. You're calling me out here on national radio. I appreciate that. I would answer, but I don't have my Athlon yet, so that's why I'm asking you. Touche. No, they're non conferences fairly manageable. And again, this is why we have constant number four. I don't necessarily think they're the fourth best team in America. Because Athlon or no Athlon, we've got a crack staff. They open a Georgia Tech. They have Furman, Louisiana tech, South Carolina. At Notre-Dame. So. They added Notre-Dame, so they're at Notre-Dame. Miami is at home, I agree with you on Miami, though. I hear great things about their quarterback. But let's get back to the SEC for a second. Let me ask you, Georgia at number two. Is that what you told me? I personally would have George at number two. We have them at number three. If you look at their regular season schedule, I don't know if there's a game on their schedule that they're not going to be at least a double digit favorite. And if you go down their schedule and look, I actually think Oregon is a really interesting challenge for them because that's the best offensive line probably in the PAC 12. And if Dan lanning and Bo nix, maybe it's ty Thompson if they can kind of get everything together..

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