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You seven fifty nine it is balance of the morning this is one of four three by that my taxes my wife by text or happy Valentine's day throwback thank you happy Valentine's day to you this road I hate these dogs they never let me sleep in the dog was the act of a house that is okay we're gets in Texas people are lifted Jill with that not really at you they're not really living adding names to the list of the favorite yeah okay okay what about Mike and Carol Brady yeah right about Allen Peggy for married with children yeah that's good yeah those are good there yeah but I mean it's not chills both I don't know your order but I would argue that a better couple Chandler and Monica yeah they lasted yeah spoiler alert what Ross and Rachel was you know I never caught up two years ago saying you know Ross and Rachel sanity rooted for me to know are you thing is officially happening around any other doing like an episode of something that's like an hour long special that all the recommend that I feel like the news that they're all making four billion dollars or whatever it is trump the fact that yeah yeah are they make a ton of money yeah hello they're all making the same amount yeah yeah that's the way they do it yeah part one of four three my fans the balance of the morning is Valentine's day if you have something like that he did a fantastic enjoy that if you don't that's okay too because realize you're very special person and this day should be able to celebrate your singleness as well we talked a lot about that yesterday it's pretty cool to be single sometimes totally fine to be singles absolutely absolutely so our love is coming out across the radio towards you were ever you are and you can be our Valentine's I was looking right at Brian when I did that and now I regret that you love them I'm so sorry we came out the wrong way Hey we get some money one thousand dollars here's what you gonna do you get a tax or cat to the number two hundred two hundred cats C. A. T. to the number two hundred two hundred right now for one thousand dollars one oh four three my FM this is what this is Louis compiled was in Los Angeles and I heart radio station more music moreover I want a four three my some the I never the also looking this is she please fashion is mystery business we more four three Kitty says Q. control this they so so by FedEx balance of the morning.

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