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To a chiropractor and get an adjustment. Really I mean the chiropractors all over you so I'm not reassuring. Marijuana shops exactly marijuana shops are all open. What excuse does she give? You can get your hair done. Well because they think that's I guess to close of a contact between Carl and the patron and he's cutting their hair. I I'm not sure it's ever been explained to me. I don't understand the difference, frankly between that or getting takeout at the drive through or anything else. A lot of people have touched food and put it in the papers and. Everything else. Again I don't think there is any rational understanding or basis for this and you know it gets. It gets really frustrating. Joe And you hear all. We heard two months ago. Was why are we doing this shutdown? Flat the curve and make sure our hospitals are not overrun right. Those are the two reasons well now the curve is flattened. Our hospitals are not overrun. So why are we continuing this? You know. Why is the Governor Picking Winners and losers? Have, you, Dave? She's the boss. Yeah, that's what we're fighting and so that's why this needs to be applied. Equally just as you say, this needs to be applied without discrimination equally to all business, people let them get back to work. Do it safely do it in a reasonable responsible way, but get back to work. It's Dave Cohen Common Legal Group and Carl Monkey Carl Man Keys Barber and beauty shop, and a Wasa Michigan so Carl. When did you find out that you were this guy? You're the hot button because I'm guessing you went to work one day and you were going to cut some hair. How did you find out that that all of this? This rigmarole was somehow revolving around your business. Well. I made the announcement over the Internet nowadays. That's kind of the method that is used to advertise that I was pointing to reopen. Well, that thing practically went viral, I mean the next day. I had people coming here from all over the state. I work ninety hours last week. Goodness. I would come in at nine o'clock in the morning and I wouldn't leave until one thirty am morning well. It was a crazy last week. And I felt obligated because all these people are driven so far. I felt obligated to take care of them. You know I finally and on Saturday afternoon. I just I! My back gave out. My wife made me go home. And now there are limiting me to working eight nine hours better, the fourteen and fifteen hours that I was working. Listen I'm going to tell you something man. You sound like a guy like me. Sound like a guy like Daves I'll look a guy like so many men and women listening and watching the program right now. We just want to make a living. We WanNA. Do you know what we're good at doing? We want to our families again. You're not in this to be some sort of a a politician or some sort of a protester. You're already cost. You needed to buy some food down down. Vj Right. Yes I did I came in here because my bills were piling up. All my insurances or do my taxes are due I've got all kinds of expenses on business expenses that were do and that that's one hundred sixty seven dollars a week that I was supposed to getting unemployment which I could get. That didn't even take care of my My light bill and I get that last week. Stimulus check I don't know I think we got it. My Wife said we got that late last last week sometime, but even at that. I can't afford to live on that I mean I i. my sense is much much greater than that. You need to get back I. I. Appreciate that and again your guy after my own heart. Day Let me ask you one last question winds when a governor or a government uses the term essential. Is that a legal term because I can make the argument right here right now and I think that you would agree that. Everybody's job is essential because it goes to like. Carl said to pay the bills to pay the water, the lights into to feed your kids to clothe yourself to give yourself shelter and pay the rent or the mortgage. How is the word essential legally denoted, is it? It's not it's just terminology. They came up with all a lot of the states did this. I've been advocating and a number of people here in the state, our speaker of the house, Lee Chatfield said the real standard should be safe versus unsafe. Is What we're doing safe, or is it not safe and use that as a standard that makes a whole lot more sense i. mean you know they were labeling churches? As unessential you know labeling all kinds of businesses is not essential, but like you say abortion clinics and pot shops. They're essential. The this is ridiculous. She actually called abortions life preserving. I'm not sure pretty sure. The baby agrees I'm just going to put it out there. Well, listen. Hey, Dave. I always appreciate the time in the access and keep up the Great Work Carl. Thanks a million for doing what you're doing. I know that you just you think yourself is a guy, just cutting hair and you're a barber. You're actually somebody who is a national hero when it comes to David vs Goliath. Your David and you're doing well in the fight that's for. For sure we appreciate Carlin in Dave, coming on really great information. What what's happening in Michigan can be happening just about anywhere if you let people get out of control when it comes to power, go to their heads. This is exactly what they're doing. Their fiefdoms monarchy's kingdoms. This is not what we have in America. We've got to fight back against it. One,.

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