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To the classes for free cleave one at the spalding rehabilitation center which now over on charleston used to be in boston but is now charlestown that's free 530 sunday afternoons i went to one of those and watched people and watch how they reacted it's tong ran station to in gren station so tongre and as tationcom or the phone number in quincy is 61777040 68 do that again 6177704068 for those who know quincy center fifteen cottage avenue on the 5th floor so we will put that away and if if you're a skeptic no problem if you want to avail yourself of their services that's we do here a nights we try to keep you up to date on things we may get a rap song i did that did see did you did see four hang on say give us a rap song excellent excellent whenever we may get a rap song harrowed night night side now let me think some folks who gave his legs last our very towards the david from walpole massachusetts rafe chuck who is the owner of chuck christian designs and tiffany tiffany who went to we law college so again what we try to do here we we like to be in contact with you folks as individuals if you we we love you it'll tell listen we.

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