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Safe retirement color Texas right now myself Bob Chris Payne will run for your total financial master plan well you have no obligation or cost if a full holistic review just like this where if you bring your statement from last month in January we'll take all that data we're gonna build for your own personalized financial portal we're gonna look at all your investments your entire net worth at a birds eye view we're gonna start to look at all the hidden risk in your portfolio what is your real diversification if the market goes down tomorrow are you protected what hidden wrist you have your portal you don't know about we're gonna show you were all those weaknesses that are in your portfolio how to correct them we're gonna look at income is a better outcome with income is that my brother likes to say what your income plan for retirement we're gonna share optimize we're Creasy income on your portfolio create an income stream in retirement but you don't out live and we're gonna look it fees and taxes there's a lot of hidden cost in these investment portfolios you don't know you're paying those mutual funds annuities insurance products were initially were all hidden cost are she had to reduce costs and optimize your portfolio for taxes so there's more money in your pocket they're gonna title together into one total financial master plan we're going to determine the most critical question are you going to outlive your money or more importantly is your money going to outlive you utilizing strategies now our family has clearly worked on for over forty five years to take your family from point a to point B. with the least amount of risk and the highest odds of success they don't miss out he one of our next two callers and have at least five hundred thousand for.

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