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You'll be like the people who did the interviewing cranky old white people. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I mean, maybe visit some schools to see the students that are there. I mean, really the best people qualified to give advice on that or the current students. Or the recent grads? Because I it's wind has us. Not being qualified to answer question. Oh, never stops. Yeah. I just wanted to tell you just want to that. I know that. Like we're being for an initiative, we have no. Carey tell you something that blew my mind, and this is bragging on Andrea little soil. Jim. Remember this the rating score of the DAT. The rating score. Yeah. Like like what number? It's like at a thirty or whatever job remember that. What was the highest possible score? Yeah. I think like thirties the highest possible score. Yeah. Something like that. At least. That's what it is. What it was when I took it. I think it's kind of the same. Okay. Andrew got like a twenty eight holy shit. It's a high school I've ever heard while. So she had all the Texas schools like trying to give her money to go. She got scholarships. Wow. Which is like you just don't hear. No, not at all. I feel like tattoo faced possible on dental student here. Would need to like just nut the DOT just nut. It just like twenty six twenty seven. Because at that point like those with that raw data with that rod number it just has gotten so much about run numbers. Now at this point like to say things like your interview is important. They don't give two shits. It's a. Yeah. I if you don't reach a certain threshold of numbers, which is like whatever mathematics formula, they have of DAT an SAT score or I'm not SAT GPA from college didn't like your science GPA, those numbers plug in reach a certain level. It doesn't matter. If you're like Peyton Manning at your interview, you know, it just doesn't matter. Exactly. I don't know why Peyton Manning sacred interview. A weird like reference to Paul. I don't know. I love. Okay. So front of mine has expanded Joe shoes extremely Ted like head to toe. So what do you think this is a situation like literally head to toe? Well, like the tat like literally suited like a sleeve, and then just kept going like good sleeve that keeps going. Yeah. See the no one's going to know that if you're wearing normal clothes. Most. If you got your hands covered. Okay, or your hands are exposing. Yes. You could wear long sleeve t shirts under scraps be find their pants, obviously. Yeah. But I mean, you it's only through the admissions process. Once you're in did jank tops. Yeah. No, I feel like they're going to tell you you're going to have to wear sleeves. Let let them play play that card. I dare you hands chest and even small faced hats some dots. And I think another small tat somewhere to on her face teardrop in the corner of your eye. How good of a friend are you? I think they have a face tattoo. I'm not sure have you seen their lands on pretty if you had a face tattoo. I would know all about I think you might. Really? Some mystery. Like, I think maybe two do you think? What do you think the small dots? Because I mean, obviously like the teardrop, right? Like, we all know what that is. What are the dots? Yeah. Targets. I don't know. Soviet teardrop is like every person you kill. Baby. A dot is just like somebody maimed right injury. We'd have to be a certain level to qualify for the dot. Maybe she was a field hockey player, and that's like number of ACL. She took out on opposing players. Now, you can like the stamp on Snoopy's house for every sop with camel he shot down. He would stamp the. No, no. What are you talking about? You know, this World War One flying aces and then for every time they shoot someone down than they would. Yeah..

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