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Turns first for breaking news weather and traffic twenty four hours a day it starts now eight o'clock news ninety six point five W. DB owe our top story tropical storm Dorian has shifted sixty miles to the north since yesterday now increasing the threat of wind and rain damage to communities in the Dominican Republic importer Rico meteorologists Melissa Griffin says storm conditions should reach Porter Rico in the next twenty four hours they're gonna start feeling that tropical storm conditions a late tonight at and possibly those near hurricane ditions it by tomorrow most of the shorelines are mainly clip so that'll actually protect the storm surge but the rain eight to ten inches is possible that could create some flash flooding and with those mountains that always makes the flash flooding worse and of course there are wind gusts could reach anywhere from sixty to seventy miles per hour so there could be some wind damage as well Dorian could impact central Florida over the Labor Day weekend but it's still too early to know for sure news ninety six point five W. D. B. over Orlando turns first for severe weather hi Tom Terry scattered storms moving off shore pretty quiet weather tonight with more scattered storms tomorrow as an extended five day forecast coming up four times an hour and I'm Brandon Hogan checking the interactive weather radar eighty four degrees in Orlando tonight a big system making its way south to the city right now it's hitting Sanford in Apopka was a medium rain expect to see that in Orlando in the next hour or two unless it dissipates try carefully if you're leaving Orlando on I. four east bound the clock tower chose next in just a few minutes continuing with our team coverage this week we've been reminding you to have your hurricane kit supplies in plan already in place Orange County fire and rescue recommends the same you don't want to be a last minute person scrambling around for necessities and supplies like jackals with Orange County fire rescue also says you should practice your plan was that mean if you have hurricane shutters put them up in testimony test your generator you're not gonna leave gasoline in a generator all year and then expected to start if there's a storm if you're on meds have an ample supply have at least one gallon of water per person per day your bathtub with water and use that for flushing toilets what important papers and documents and waterproof containers get propane bread gas non perishable foods I'm Jeanne Wexler check out our complete hurricane preparedness guide in the news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. act earlier this month Orlando police ask the community to help idea group of men who assaulted two people downtown using their skateboards as weapons after sharing a cell phone video of the attack a deputy is now say that they can finally make some arrests the video shows the moment the most heard of the two victims was blindsided by a skateboard to the face from his hospital bed one of the first things he told reporters was that he wanted to prosecute the attack was filmed in may in Orlando police chose to distribute the footage after going two months without identifying the attackers hoping that the public can help them out well today investigators say that the attackers have been identified in that arrests are coming soon now Orlando gas prices shot up this week about twelve to fifteen cents but it's not because a tropical storm Dorian prices for crude oil have been going back up Patrick D. hand with gasbuddy dot com points out our gas prices have been falling for the last month so this is kind of a correction where prices should about dances Florida is not a major player in oil refining so price impacts from the tropical storm could still be minimal it's eight oh three at news ninety six point five W. DDO if you or someone you.

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