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Thing itself there's a great squabble that happens early in the 1980s david covers it quickly it's important to come to the resolution because there is a meeting of antulay to call what we're witnessing hiv having established what we know of this retrovirus what is siv david and surgery is what uh is stands for simian immunodeficiency virus and that is the version the precursor of this particular virus hiv that exist in different forms in a number of nonhuman primates across air it it it exists in almost forty different species of monkey in various forms it exists also in chimpanzees the different s ivs can be distinguished from one another uh genetically but they're clearly all related and one of them was the starting point for the aids pandemic we're looking now at everyone getting organized this is the 1980s into the 1990s and david story is extremely exciting this is an opera tragedy at the same time there's victory here because what i read is establishing a template for doing the important lifting of wear and win mankind will be hit with recombination retroviruses it's coming it always comes it's the nature of global a global enterprise prize and this one is is a specially tragic but it does in all of the sacrifice a today establish away of looking where things come from and preventing or seeking ways a remedies so we now go to this s ivs assumption and from the siv working with a different kinds of monkeys one is a called an african green monkey and other ones is called a suit key sutee man gubbay the reasoning is that they come to a monkey called a oh 22 it has no romantic name and in that there is a discovery that leads to understanding this all is a spillover what are they find and a oh twenty two's remains what they find nato 22 is one of these versions of simian immunodeficiency virus and not just a version of it but a version that matches very closely with hiv two now hiv to is the lesser disease it's not the pandemic strain of aids but it's a disease it's a virus that causes disease mostly in west africa it's not as virulent and not as transmissible is hiv one but it was detected and people realize well there are two different hiv and they they found a close match two one of them in this monkey and in the species of.

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