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Government officials announced the lockdown of the city in central China on the morning of January 23rd 2020 to try to halt the spread of the disease that the virus spread to the entire province, affecting some 56 million people. When the lockdown was lifted in April, city leaders said they had officially recorded over 50,000 infections with fewer than 3900 deaths. A person in northern California who received a coded 19 vaccine is dead hours after receiving the dose, according to Placer County Sheriff's Office. The person tested positive in late December and receive the vaccine Thursday. Health officials say the risk of a severe reaction is exceedingly rare. And by the end of the day, we'll know who made in Super Bowl 55 in the battle of the bays. Green Bay Place Tampa Bay for the NFC Championship at Lambeau at 305 eastern in the Kansas City Chiefs, host the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead and Kansas City starting at 6 40 Eastern. Winners play the Super Bowl on February 7. That's the latest I'm in city, right? And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg News Room. The union representing 1400 workers at the Hunts Point produce market is heading back to work today, ending nearly weeklong strike and return for increased pay in their next three year contract. We're from Bloomberg's Dinis Pellegrini. The warehouse workers and drivers that collectively make up Teamsters local to 02 are hailing the ratification of the contract after their vote yesterday. The agreement ends the strike that began January 17th. The strike was the first since 1986 and it raised concerns over disruption to the city's food supply, where 60% of its fruits and vegetables come For the massive hunt's point market to the spell Ingredient. Bloomberg Radio President Joe Biden's top economic adviser, Brian D's, is poised to pitch a new coronavirus aid package to a bipartisan group of senators today. But the bill has yet to drop Republican support and appears increasingly likely to be done through budget reconciliation, a process that would allow Democrats to push ahead on some measures without Republican votes. Hedge funds have fallen back in love with technology giants and this is after spending the final months of last year, cutting back on these stocks ahead of earnings reports this week from companies including Apple and Amazon, professional investors turned more upbeat on the industry. Goldman Sachs groups prime brokerage reports that on Tuesday of last week, hedge funds made the largest net buys in a month. They're renewed interest reflects confidence in tech earnings power. To New Yorkers are in the money after Friday's mega millions, drawing two mega millions. Tickets were sold in the city, one at Moonlight Deli and Grocery in a story A and the other at a bowl, a convenient store in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn. Two winners won second prize in the drawing the first prize ticket worth a billion dollars. Well, that was sold in Michigan..

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