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Gerry McNamara eight six six nine the red eye but one of the best resources you can go to if you want to know the numbers of the statistics going on right now worldwide and in the United States one of the best websites to go to is the Johns Hopkins real time coronavirus resource center yeah and and go to the map the interactive map and and I don't know any other website there may be some out there but I don't know anyone any other website but I know right now that has it so clear in front of you where you can easily maneuver through any country in the world any state looking right here now the the the states the most confirmed corona viruses the case is confirmed New York sixteen thousand nine hundred and sixteen right next Washington St nineteen hundred there's another website world are mothers and what they have yeah let's see who is the great thing about this website is if you scroll down because you can go to world Dominators dot info slash corona virus slash country slash US so you click on the us when you get there but you'll find it and you can look at the overall U. S. cases then as you scroll down it will tell you how many new cases in each state and they're using Johns Hopkins as their info but what they're doing is they're putting up in a very basic chart form how many new cases in each state the total death in account in each state the number of new deaths in each state and then the active cases and then they'll give you a total at the bottom and in each state each category and their listing them from the states that have the highest rate of of infections in cases all the way down to the lowest so you'll see that I need some I think very comprehensive and also a user friendly type chart the one from Johns Hopkins I don't know how many people they have working on this data but it is extremely extremely useful and one of the things I like is because we talk about flatten the curve you can see the countries and there aren't a lot of them right just a few I mean South Korea for example you know China if you if we don't believe the numbers from China look in South Korea yeah and they start to flatten the curve and so a lot of lot of focus has been paid of you know how did how did they how did they do it but just really interesting to see the curve and how it goes and it gets really specific as you can you can take your pointer and put it on a particular dot and see exactly what date and how many cases they had yeah and how it accelerated so it really gives you a look information.

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