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Prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for best newscast. There's just been an update by the weather mavens at the National Hurricane Center. Tropical Stormy Sea ice is moving slowly while pounding and drenching the Bahamas, knocking out power. The center now about 80 miles east southeast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida watches and warnings posted for the coast of Florida. Georgia, South Carolina Sometime tomorrow is when I is expected to slam Florida. 7 800 people evacuated in Riverside County, Southern California because of a wildfire. Three different brushfires have converged and rugged, dangerous terrain or what crews are battling in California's Cherry Valley, forcing evacuations. Cal Fire captain Fernando Herrera major incident. It is going to take several days. So I would tell people to plan to be away from their home for at least a week. All this happening in a pandemic that's not fading away. 35 states reporting rising daily Corona virus deaths CDC predicting nearly 30,000 more Americans could be killed in the next three weeks. Chuck's Iverson, ABC News Cuomo News, 1000 FM, 97 7 I'm Ryan Harris. Now let's check your top stories from the Comb 0 24 7 News center A jury has awarded the family of Susan Cox Powell, roughly $100 million had found the state negligent in the deaths of her young sons, Charlie and Braydon. Caseworker brought the boys to the home of their father, Josh Powell and Graham. He killed them with a hatchet before taking his own life and setting that house on fire. I'm just very grateful that finally that We've held Responsible. The The Department of Social Health Services. That's the boy's grandfather, Chuck Cox. Also, Susan's father, Susan Powell was never found. He is presumed that she rather is presumed to have been killed by her husband, Josh. At least one person is dead. Six others are in the hospital after a crash on I five near Arlington Friday night happened north of the Stillaguamish River. State troopers say someone was behind the wheel of a white SUV trying to merge into another lane. But they saw another car coming up. They overcorrected went off the road rolled several times actually ended up on the roof, and one person was thrown from the SUV. We're continuing to follow that investigation. Friday was the last day of work for 6000 Boeing employees. They're part of the first round of job cuts that was originally announced in late May, They'll join the more than one million unemployed workers here in Washington state that many of whom have filed for unemployment camo Suzanne Francaise. Meanwhile, state leaders say nearly 11,000 remaining backlogged unemployment claims. Work to be resolved by Friday. Angry I was like, why don't they go? Maria Mitchell, who typically works is a mobile notary was stuck waiting for three months for help because of a long backlog of people filing for unemployment. It's really bad because you can't get through the phone line, see just Hathaway.

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