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Signing day was yesterday and the rich got richer. Alabama clemson notre dame miami all in their alabama and their head coach. Nick sabin. he'll join us coming up. Next hour. got the showdown with florida. Coming up on saturday night. I was looking back. I think this is national signing day. Twenty fifteen and these are just the a quarterback's back then number one quarterback in the country jarrett stidham number. Two is josh rosen. Blake barnett was number three. Cuyler mary four brandon. Wimbush he went to notre dame then lost his job to ian book Ricky town is on their brady. White is on their travis. Johnson who else drew lock is on. Here's the tenth. Best quarterback jake browning went to washington. Sam darnold's zone here so you you do. Have some pretty good quarterbacks here earliest quarterbacks who are still playing. Lamar jackson is the eighteenth. Best quarterback on this list. Brett rip rip is on here as well. Let me see if there's anybody else that you might be familiar with kelly. Bryant is on here but when it comes to these five star recruits you can say. Hey we got him. But then they have to their five star recruits. Coming out of high school doesn't translate into a five star five star success once they get to college because things change. And we'll talk to nick sabin about this when you recruit. Now you're recruiting. Somebody who has social media has grown up being the star being told there the star and not being told no or you did something wrong and if they have been then. How do you process that. That's the big difference. That coaches will talk about. It's telling a kid they did something wrong and how they accept that and who wants to be great. Now once you get to a certain level now is when it really starts you get to college. Ama- five star recruit. Yep now it starts just like the reset button. It starts when you get to the nfl. Hey i was all american all right now it starts. Who wants to get better. And i think those are things that you know coach. Sabin some of these other coaches. You're trying to see that in a seventeen or eighteen year olds is. Can you take criticism and do you want to be great. Eight seven seven three. Dp show email address teepee. Dan patrick dot com twitter handle. Dp show live on peacock all three hours fox sports radio lineup as well tonight..

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