Vietnam, Yugoslavia, CIA discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Invented the cold cloud modification cloudseeding baume et if we're gonna talk about bombs storms an young lump site ollie's bond cyclones and bomba genesis that we definitely should bring up the cloudseeding bond that was used in operation popeye yup which was also known as operation motor pool in intermediary compatriot vietnam in vietnam in it led to a worldwide ban on weather warfare all meziane instantly in all this stuff is those really weird jim all this stuff can be researched and all the people pit clean to their climate change climate science crap you know they cling to it and you tell him this you can love this odds all nonsense it's all nonsense it's all changed signs in italy no this saint quering ngo engineering has been going on off and on since as far back as world war two bibi world war one but vietnam with operation popeye and then of course with they head in yugoslavia with the that are just changing a you'll having the ice crystals while from the sky so they can see the landing areas there arguing you might out of her what's up on the cia was doing cloudseeding over a cuba to delay wayne embargo in '69 and their intention was to destroy the dog castro's sugar crops so this was an economic warfare with weather warfare word the cia would try to make it rain in the gulf of mexico before the rain could get to cuba and therefore dry of their crops now that some wicked evil stuff right by vietnam they were busted for that see here's the inside scoop henry kissinger and the cia were doing the weather warfare over vietnam and cuba ended the secretary of defense uh layered he had no clue they didn't even tell him that tell secret this was a great sgr the cia the us navy and the us air force did operation poppa said this is totally possible today in fact on weather modification.

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