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On the ninety three W. why be seen that shot FBI is now looking for anybody absolutely anybody who may have taken a ride on the lead a brass if you flew on Jeffrey I'm scenes private plane US prosecutors would like to speak with you you would much rather be visiting the department of justice and engaging in conversation about what you saw rather than making the DOJ find you I assume this conversation is aimed directly at Bill Clinton Tony Katz ninety three W. I've you see good morning just so we're clear Bill Clinton statement said that he was only with Jeffrey up steam on four different flights one to age one to Europe to Africa always whisks secret service detail always with staff he had a meeting at his office once and there was one thing at at the I've seen home he knows nothing about the crimes this is what Bill Clinton statement was Bill Clinton statement is nonsense he's already live there are multiple people who will tell you absolutely he was on flights one of those people this could you to start off who is an author and a journalist she wrote the book trafficking not trafficking traffic king put together as one word which is all about Jeffrey M. C. all about what it is he did James Patterson give the them New York times bestseller James Patterson who actually wrote a book with Bill Clinton went on with Dana Perino on the daily briefing and discussed his book filthy rich the billionaire sex scandal the shocking chew story of Jeffrey abstain that this is a story that was lying in plain sight there were plenty there's plenty of information that yes indeed president trump did throw Jeffrey I've seen out of of the club that he won't be surprised that scene gets a fair amount of jail time but Bill Clinton is absolutely not telling the truth if he says he's only on for a flight though the flight records show twenty six different occasions according to the reporting let him are you at all he wants but as we said nobody should be allowed to pass the minute people start thinking all why am politically to the writer on politically to the left there for this person to get a bass of APRS okay we're all doomed if we aren't as a society that has one voice are opposed to child sex trafficking dear lord it really is over it really and truly is and the envy it sees the only way I kind of know that they're still decency left in the world I know that there's a whole bunch of people who think that children should be able to make decisions for for themselves and they should be able to decide who their sexual partners are at the age of I don't know child the age of under eighteen then they should be able to engage in relationships with adults there's a madness afoot but they're not allowed to do that because they are children and children do not have the capacity to make these kinds of decisions and adults are not allowed to prey.

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