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Monday february fifteenth. I'm mary regalado. And here's your local news from the los angeles times brought to you by audible. Today will be mostly cloudy with a high of sixty seven and a low tonight. A fifty three our top story for the first time in california. There's data breaking down covid. Nineteen vaccine recipients by race age and gender and the report shows disparities. Yesterday's data from the california department of public health shows that white californians have received almost thirty three percent of the first available doses latino and asian residents have received sixteen and thirteen percent respectively followed by black residents at almost three percent in a breakdown by age seniors. Sixty five and older have been inoculated. The most almost fifty five percent there followed by eighteen to forty nine year olds at nearly twenty nine percent and fifty to sixty four year olds at close to seventeen percent. Almost fifty nine percent of women have received the vaccine versus forty one percent of men in environmental news. California's rainy season. Starting twenty seven days later than it did in the nineteen sixties. That's what researchers say. This could affect the wildfire season in the state. The onset of the rains which used to start in november is now delayed until december and when the rain comes. It's being concentrated during january and february. You lena lou veg a climate scientist at the university of belgrade in serbia and the lead author of the rain study says the result is that the precipitation season has become shorter and sharper in california. This isn't good news as the state just endured. Its worst wildfire season the worst fires in the fall when vegetation is at its maximum dryness in other news a fix could be on the way for the sewage flow that has plagued san diego beaches for decades to one is wastewater system has been overwhelmed by the city's fast expanding population that often causes water laced with raw sewage trash and chemicals to flow over the border and then beaches must be closed. The environmental protection agency has secured roughly three hundred million dollars under a two thousand nineteen trade with mexico and canada and much of it appears to be slated for water quality projects along the border in san diego and in sports news. The dodgers and fan favourite justin turner have agreed on a two year contract. This means the third baseman will return to a lineup that he helped propel to a world series championship last season the pact also concluded a standoff between the two sides that lasted for more than three months. Turner's deal is worth thirty. Four million dollars guaranteed including eight million dollar signing bonus. The contract was agreed upon just days. Before the dodgers spring training was set to begin for these stories and more visit. La times dot com. Start your twenty twenty one journey with more of what you love. All in one place with audible be audible. Plus catalogue gives you access to thousands of select audiobooks podcasts audible originals and more so whether you're looking to be informed entertained or just laugh a little more this year and joy with audible and your first thirty days on us when you sign up at audible dot com..

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