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With how his time ended with Arizona comes up clean comes out fine. The question is when can they hire him because technically he retired from the Zona cardinal still another year and his contract. It looks like all hurdles are going to be leftover. And it looks like Bruce areas be the next Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach James Winston, the young cornerback. And I will tell you the connection here. Jason light the GM of the buccaneers was in Arizona for many years with Steve time the GM of the cardinals. When you go to things like the combine the owners meeting, everyone just hang that, the big hang session. Bruce Arians got to know Jason light, very well, just from a social setting when it all came to be it looks like he will be the next quarterback. Jameis Winston or the next coach for that quarterback. Jameis win. Okay. Matt leflore one Tennessee way the playoffs without him there stance. Offense went down with him. He goes Darren Rogers, you know, he's been a coordinator. Once that's a big boy job, errands, thirty five and has. Strong point of view. What do you know about Matt leflore what are people saying in the league about the new Packer coach I've gotten to know Matt very well the last few years he was Kyle Shanahan's quarterbacks. Coach in Atlanta left to be Sean McVeigh's offensive coordinator in LA interesting thing last offseason. So McVeigh was the head coach leflore Z offensive coordinator the Tennessee titans. Say we want to interview Matla floors are head coach McVeigh's. Of course, you can go and do that. That's fine doesn't get the job. And then they say we'd like you to be our offensive coordinator. And in the NFL, you are not usually allowed to just take a lateral move. It has to be promotion McVeigh said if you can make some more money and call the plays there in Tennessee. I'm gonna let you out of your contract and go and work for those guys. He does that. And now is the head coach of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers one note on the floor 'cause I've gotten to know this guy, he is not a pushover. I'm at the table. A lot of times Kyle Shanahan in Sean McVay and the floors at the table, whether it be the combine or somewhere everyone's hanging and he can bus chops with. Those guys he could also talk Xs and os. He goes to Tennessee, where Mike Gabel is as I guess, I want to say alpha coaches, there is a former linebacker macho man guy that you really look at the dental side of the ball and the flora thirty eight year old guy was able to go head to head with him and voices opinion. I say all that to say this, Colin he will intellectually challenge Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Rodgers is not getting a buddy or do boy that he could just walk all over because he's only four years older. No, no, no. This is a guy who's going to challenge him in every day have something that's going to have Aaron Rodgers thinking. Okay. How can I step up to that challenge? I think it's a fascinating higher from this point alone. This was the only head coaching job interview. Matt leflore was given just one the Packers. And they were so confident that in the room this guy was better than gays better than mcdaniels a better fit than any of those offensive gurus that we're going to hire him as our first coach off the board..

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