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They got the game clinching interception, Baylor was 7 and one, they were the number 12 ranked team in the nation and it's kind of crazy for TCU because TCU just had their head coach Gary Patterson stepped down last week. He said, midseason, I'm out, I gotta step down. He walked away. And this was the first game for TC without Gary Patterson. And not only this year but in like years and years. And he really brought TC to new heights. And so for them to go through that, losing their stable, longtime head coach, and then win without him, was a big deal. It's very cool, especially beating Baylor. It's just a really cool win for them. TCU quarterback Chandler Morris and Oklahoma transfer had a big game with you for 461 yards and two touchdowns. TCU wore their gray jerseys with purple helmets and red accents. It's my favorite uniform in all of college football they're beautiful. The gray, the purple, the red. That's the kind of Jersey you make in Madden. And it looks so fantastic. I love it. I think that I think I should wear the more often, honestly, Michael, why don't you wear that almost every week? I really love that Jersey. It's really I'm not kidding. It's my favorite Jersey and all the college football. It's the TCU gray with purple helmets at red accent. Oh, dude. It's sick. And of course, they put them on they won. So wear them even more. Number 8, let's talk about the final thing for college football week ten. Fresno state quarterback, Jake hainer. Man, I was so excited to watch this guy. He played Boise state. He did not have a good game Fresno state loss to Boise state 40 to 14 J canner was 22 for 38 passing two touchdowns, three interceptions, all three interceptions were bad decisions. Sometimes I'm like, oh, an interception was tipped or it wasn't his fault because of this or that I can't do that every single one of the interceptions Jake hainer through against Boise state were bad. Bad decisions, bad throws. And this is JK or second bad game this year against Hawaii earlier this year. We had four interceptions. And right now, Jay canner has a lot of NFL potential. I really think that he's ability to throw the ball along the sidelines is fantastic. And he's made some big time throws as your back shoulder throws, throws in a tight windows. The way he beat UCLA earlier this year, what made me go? This dude looks like an NFL quarterback. So the talent is there, the ability is there. And he's been really confident Jay cann has been really aggressive. This year, I think it's part of what has taken his game to the next level..

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