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The championship and if you have a guy on your keen i don't care how alanthea's but detracts from the key we and he's actually giving interviews where he doesn't kfb fake than unsportsmanlike penalty and he's gonna keep doing what he's doing and that type of stuff on top of now if this i can't see how they keep this guy i mean i i agree with you probably going to be honest in this ef i'm talking about making that longterm commitments psalm because the nfl is proving on time again you're not me that top receiver who is the number one receiver overall as an attitude problem the win championships randy morris coin win it you know terrell owens cohen land chad johnson all of guys that were at the five for their game and also found in fifteen and they're crying while they were still at the top of the game because they're issues of not being a theme klay or of being if distraction and now this time 503 i if i kind of dad or what are you gonna do with this guy i mean he just can't you can't make that commitment if you're the giant plus he doesn't have the kind of valued at bone more the giant because he was talking about in a straight you're not getting a first round pick for him dan i can't come on the air at this moment and advocate the idea of trading them because i think is selling well but it only enhances the argument of why the giants shrink feel confident and they'll beckham a blank cheque asia saying here we are going to make you the highestpaid receiver in football we're gonna make you highestpaid player football because they continue to be instance they continue to be instances where he embarrasses the organization where he makes a fool of himself and it's always about him that's what it comes down to dan he strikes me as a guy who's about the bottom line for odell beckham junior not the bottom on felony our chance.

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