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Yeah of course you do weapon and a new sword and it doesn't yeah exactly. Yeah you swapping scoping gear all the time right. You can only carry a certain amount. What do i put down. What i pick up. And and that proctoring becomes really important. Because something's proc at different rates and so you've heard that just verb that i verb that narrow rock and that's what's really important. What we're really looking at here is wind that noun become the verb because for me. That's really the important part. That's really when. I think that it went from being a nearly used term. That's kind of more about programming and more about software development and and then became more about the games and the gamers players. Okay do you use this at all in your offline life with with other friends when you're talking about something out in the world or is it exclusively it hasn't migrated out of out of your screen hasn't graded out of my screen but i'm pretty utah contracts about that sort of thing so i wouldn't want to give away too much notary. You're giving away a lot of By appearing on this show you know but both of cool nerd. hey this is not a nursery. Your phone call. Brockton an experience with us on the air. Exactly thanks for the call brand really appreciate it. Thanks for nursing out. Yeah thank you so much. Have a great day by. What is the jargon of your pastime. Are you a nigger. Are you a coin collector. Maybe like to collect gems when you go on hikes. Whatever it is let us know. Eight seven seven nine two nine nine six seven three or tell us the jargon of your pastime in email words at wavered radio dot org More about what we say and why we say it stick around for more support for a way with words comes from jack and caroline raymond proud sponsors of wayward inc. The nonprofit that produces and distributes this program. You're listening to a way with words. The show about language and how we use it on grandparent's and i'm martha take a moment and imagine trying to tell someone how to get to your home without using the name of your street or for that matter. The names of any streets within a ten mile radius. I've been thinking a lot about that challenge ever since reading a fantastic book by deirdra mask. It's called the address book. What street addresses reveal about identity race wealth and power most households in the world. Don't have street addresses. In fact that's the way it was for much of human history as late as the nineteenth century. The royal postal service in britain managed to deliver the occasional letter with a less than precise address on the envelope. Like you might send a letter to so and so who lives in the cottage by the forest or my favorite was a letter that was addressed to someone in scotland that read to my sister. Jeanne up the cannon gate down a close edinburgh. She has a wooden leg. Just in case you weren't sure which gene it was but grant it makes you realize how much we take for granted the words we use to tell people where we are and also the immense power ineffective as names..

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