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Traumatic in the black community about. Bringing up memories, maybe not so much. What might have happened to them and their lifetime, but to grant grandfathers and fathers, and and members of their family in the with that confederate symbol has stood for. That's why I've made a good step in a long overdue step in doing that today. And lastly you mentioned, and you wrote in the Orlando Sentinel that you are hopeful that you really feel like like this is This is a turning point, not just in sports, but in our country you have access to too many people Kareem abdul-jabbar amongst them. And one. What is the sense that you get from conversations that you've had? You are hopeful are. Do you find that that others are equally as hopeful as you are based on everything? We've seen over the last two weeks. You Know Kareem has been talking about. he has hope and history. He has hope that things are GonNa Change But history tells them. That's really going to be hard to happen. I think it depends on your perspective You have to have a sense of what you think is happening today and I think. Green statements after that that was about ten days ago. Have Been, but then he sees that diverse. Group out there, protesting the street, speaking up taking risks of that, they might have taken before because he feels as do I that. America is really awakening to the effect of racism more than they ever have before. Dr Patrick. We appreciate it. Again at and I would encourage everybody to. Find some some of what you have written. You've written a ton of bucks. You're constantly writing for the Business Journal for ESPN DOT com a guest writing for the Orlando Sentinel. Many other places as well Nelson. Mandela is in your in your past Jesse. Jackson Kareem abdul-jabbar just to name a few really appreciate you taking the time to do this We've learned a lot. We appreciate your insight. Thank you for having me on the show? Thank you Dr Richard Lap Check again a professor who is with the University of Central Florida somebody who has not only talked to talk, but as we mentioned there walk the walk describing some of the things that he's experienced in his life as the son of Joe, lap check who maybe isn't the most famous basketball coach average as somebody who I would have known for my experiences, growing up in love and basketball around New York City because he was coach at my Alma Mater, and he was a coach of the Knicks before I was even born, and how his life has been shaped by seeing some of the things because his dad signed a black player that they hung. In effigy outside of his window in a New York suburb, he wrote about he also wrote about getting phone calls back then when you had landlines at home and you could, you could find anyone's phone number like in the phone book and the white in the is the white pages where the PEOP-. Angry racists would call the home and sometimes you think he's five or six years old..

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