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Bathroom all communicating all these, you know capabilities and features all at once right? I'm going to run out of storage but you know, there are a couple of different things that you know, Red River in the team of the kind of explored. Some of that is is pruning some of those data's month, you know, others are kind of the summaries indexes that you see in Splunk, right? So, I mean a lot of times if you have a consistent setting or you know reading on a sensor for a period of time, but it's fairer you could summarize that right and say well throughout this whole period of time this was just one value. So now we don't have to have multiple readings at that same value. We can you know, kind of reduce that, you know cost off. Storage there and then there's also the compression techniques, right so implementing, you know the compression which I think is default on Splunk indexers from that mistake and and they you know, sometimes it depending on the data source that could be extraneous information that you know isn't necessarily relevant to the application that you're looking for for the good the answers out of the iot appliances off in prune those specific data fields off and just kind of keep what's necessary. So you mentioned spunk a couple of times and I'm curious from your point of view. How is Red River partnering with Splunk to deliver value to your customers both for you know iot use cases, but all these cases where the worst blinking and stated everything platform really, you know play oh man, so glad you asked cuz I'm actually involved in a quite a few of those projects and there's a lot, you know, we've been working with Splunk on the return to work initiative a couple of other initiatives and Splunk is a core component of some of our strong. Just Solutions, right? So especially you know, when you talk about the iot space right security is definitely a big concern. I was actually just listening to a song podcast where somebody was talking about a vulnerability that a security researcher had found where they could reverse-engineer the firmware of a coffee maker and push that you know updated or or basically, you know broke firmware to that coffee maker without any authentication and take over that coffee maker and now you have a coffee maker that spying on you, right? So that's definitely a major threat landscape. You know, when you look at all these iot appliances is, you know Hub controlled, I you know Cloud controlled, you know, a lot of times this the security concerns aren't taken into consideration around those iot appliances. And so the Red River came up with the device isolation architecture and our device isolation architecture really helps to reduce that threaten wage. So some of the things we do, you know is Implement Technologies like network access control and you know flow and Analysis vulnerability analysis. And we take all of that data feed it into Splunk, you know, correlate it in leverage tools like Enterprise security, you know, so that if there are incidents or suspicious activity, right we can then correlate, you know investigate with it leveraging Enterprise security and then also incorporating things like Phantom to automate some of those remediation tasks, right or at least automate some of the investigation steps. Yeah, absolutely. And you want things you talked about there that I want to kind of peel back a little bit is you know this idea that you know, when we have massive amounts of streams of data, obviously, you need a platform, you know back to find Value from it. So you talked about Splunk as a platform that red river is partnering with to deliver value from customers, but one of the things that you know s cough is just you know a few days away from now, you know, I'm getting.

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