Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, David Duke discussed on Larry Elder


Clinton stood. Up and shook his hand If Donald Trump were invited to a funeral and they hit on David Duke and Donald Trump stood up and shook his hand. And tonight cities to do you think would happen Larry you comparing Farrakhan David Duke yes I am You, find? An, old decrepit Louis how you doing You, hate and come Use This Enemy He's so Gingrich I mentioned Bill Clinton shook his hand at, the. Funeral, today Domitian now, if you me You. Have, to hide it Especially if you want. Events men in the whitewater you said, Judaism is a gutter religion so they go, to work, tomorrow in Tuesday your boss don't. Tell them what you been How come that's not, controversial you'll Clinton Corp is shaking the hand, of the. Nation's leading anti-semites this thing on I'm pretty handy around the. House but.

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