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Difference was only five thousand votes he was awry oblivion and he got ten thousand volts you put ten thousand votes on the republican side more than likely and although he doesn't win that election now and then do lieutenant governor and that was with a relative time he got beaten the primary that was surprising even yep yep act and uh now this um but this to go the other way could help to republicans have to antigod because there is a strong and ira membership and besides membership anare in connecticut solve especially the cold manufactured in its history and everything i'll take it all hurt the democrats descend on that really well we'll see i'm gonna make a prediction though who the republicans uh not not to republican nominee who i think the democrat nominee is going to be i think it's going gonna be luke brought it all of course would there the fake to then i'll larry putting earned his fifty one valve i get well guess what by swat but it's not just o'leary's the mirror of norwalk harry ruling came out yesterday and said he's going to support luke grown well i'm saying whwhat governor malloy is actually i go i always got to become a state supreme court judge if the democrats can i've i've heard this you could be right putting mcdonald from stamford that reinvent never was even a judge himself in guam governor malloy wasn't a judge them jug you and us who um packwood seat well i i will make this prediction to adulthood lawyers going to nominate angel macdonald is the supreme court justice that's my prediction with that and he may make that announcement before the end of the year you know these lawmakers have a tendency during the holiday season for our people are paid attention to sneak in raises to sneak in nominations to sneak in a lot of controversial stuff and what the other thing one a relief from gerald he out and buy in a democrats in june at the high ones that are tired and demeanor a run has yet pardon parole death so we'll keep an eye on a paycheck thanks for the call they're geared been here yeah in case you missed it harry railing the.

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