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Charge of the intelligence committee was one of the bigger tactical mistakes Nancy del Centro made never some items are twenty three time traveler weather on the threes and once again the update here is the king of all traffic Chuck the body would occur thank you Sean brought you is a service of Tripoli heating in there we've had some showing twenty nine south bound with direct earlier right at the bridge had broken lamp parkway that continue to be a problem with that slow traffic moving south from one seventy five were waiting to get an update on that in the meantime the slowing at both Arbor tunnels he is already there and for the traffic south on eight ninety five and also into the fort McHenry tunnel that eventually now we'll start the foursome traffic over on the beltway and eventually around to the key bridge the back up at the bay bridge is there there was an accident just before you get on to the bridge in the painted out area to the left hand side and that's still there but they're not really hurting any more than the normal backup already there just went back to twenty nine by the way south looks like the accident has cleared and broken land parkway did you know the **** in is the world's number one air conditioning company and took the lead is the exclusive die concealer in the Baltimore area you get a free and home estimate by calling one eight hundred air repair find Japanese or traffic and weather on the threes on talk radio six eighty WCBS murder they have anything happen so animals applause's on forty eight for live by the way tomorrow even warmer fifty three years old we will return to autumn all right now are viewed as has twenty five degrees Essex has.

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