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The wires is a thing now that like corporations are dropping records what remember the lady's mixtape what Wendy as well as one they did wind that was Popeye's do one no but Wendy's let's note was fire they give was very good wrapping fantastic beats and it bumps what it's still like a corporation promoting themselves by dropping an album and I think it encouraged this one dude I was in the new company that's doing this no maybe this is got maybe like it's Sabrina I don't know it's it's I guess catchy and they got some big names and vital give us a hint it's by master card alright give us the answer what was it like it was our guest thing I wanted to show you this I want to see if you're a white kid but master card is the late is to get into this game and they work with that for real people and then the company drops an elbow I mean for real Williams they worked not with zero Williams or for real Williams but Nicholas moment Miley Cyrus lady Gaga Mary J. Blige and more to write and produce a song it is called merry go round Swedish artist Nadine or Randall's sings about a devastating break up seeing our acts in public you getting really sad about it and then writing a merry go round at some point you described as getting a token to my freedom again which I guess is master card so it's like not even really connected to the MasterCard brand wasn't the Wendy's one about like burgers and beef since this seems to be just a song that master card is put out and not taken off right now not not really getting all the views that they want as if the beginning this only had four thousand views with vice wrote this article about it so maybe has more to what would you is it me one it is there is one make.

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