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Past yet doesn't mean it's not there even claims that Israel will extend sovereignty over West Bank Jewish Settlements Irma Tom. That's fundamentally makes a two-state solution impossible If that happens again the political divide will be seriously aggravated and any attempt to suggest. It's not all all that compelling. Frankly I think is pure politics. That's the first thing I would say secondly I would say. Is that this this sort of thing I I know you've been working with with the leaders for tomorrow program that young people I mean they're a little bit younger than than your cohort but young people in general born say after nine hundred sixty seven they've known the reality -ality occupation what I think oftentimes I feel they forget about is what might be called the true miracle of Israel. I only miracle in a supernatural sense. I do mean the return of the Jews. The sovereignty in statehood after two thousand years of statelessness is one of the greatest success stories of Jewish history certainly as the success story of modern Jewish history that needs to be celebrated in other words are narratives should not be about I can't go to the Kotel or my Jewishness not recognize those problems but the larger narrative. Tiv- is that of the miracle of creating a Jewish state the third thing I would say is really to go back internally and talk about ourselves and that is one critical reason jason for the chasm is the reality of simulation in American Jewish life. The more distant you are from Jewish matters will just going to be from Israel so in that respect blaming Israel for the chasm is a one-sided indictment. The real charge needs to be two sided that Israel's done some things that American Jews have enormous problems with again. I wouldn't apologize for that. I wouldn't try to suggest that's not real what I would also say though is that American Jews have drifted away because the power of relation has taken a significant toll on Jewish identification here in the United States well Steve. There are few people who have the kind of expertise that you do about American Judaism and Israel to aspirations so thank you so much much for joining us today to share a bit of that expertise rated. Thanks.

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