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It's the Nicole Sandler show. And we made to a Friday barely, but we made it. It looks like for whatever reason Oh, no youtube is not starting and I don't know why I'm having all kinds of. Tech problems. So what else is new? Oh my goodness. We just got back on Youtube and it looks like. It's not gonNA to let us stream their today. So you may just may have to come over to facebook I. Honestly don't know if we're on periscope twitch. Because I'm trying something new and it seems to to not be working so. I don't know. All I can say is. Come try to find US somewhere. It looks like nothing is going on except facebook live. So we are on facebook today in terms of video everything else seems to be kind of Fu bar. I'll try to I'll try to fix it but I'll put a note in the Youtube Chat. Room. But you know we're live at five. To Pacific so I'm at the mercy of the clock. Best laid plans. You know I had a stressful day today in that I had a doctor's appointment earlier. Today I had to go see the neurosurgeon to get an MRI on my brain because of a what we believe is a meningioma. Long story but. Yeah, let me just type Youtube not work I'm typing in the Youtube Chat Room You know it's times like this. I could use a producer not working comb to facebook. Sorry All right. So Anyway, I I was kept waiting for an hour and a half and I was already I was ready to leave and then the doctor came in and it turned out I really liked her. you know such as life today is also just a weird day. It's October twenty third. We are eleven days out from election. Day tensions are high. We made it through the last debate last night we'll get into that in a moment but it was. One years ago today. That my mother. died except she wasn't she she wasn't officially died until forty one years ago tomorrow because she suffered what what what happened is she had leukemia. Making a long story very long story short, but she had leukemia and. what kilter apparently wasn't the leukemia she had. Shannon aneurysm and. She went into the hospital I guess on the twenty second I was in school in away college in Tampa and I got a call from my dad who said you know I tried you said Mom's going to the hospital everything's okay don't worry. And then the next day she fell into a coma. They said she was brain dead. We had to wait twenty four hours of where there was no brain activity before. Turning off the life support it was. Horrible and now forty one years later when October, twenty third and twenty fourth come around you better. Believe I feel it and I'm feeling it extra hard this year because there's so much death around us. There's so much That that is is It's just horrible. An now with Cova know everywhere you go I was out at this doctor's appointment this morning and I'm waiting and waiting and waiting and getting more and more stressed as that hour and a half ticked. And somebody came out of the exam room, an older man wearing a mask, but it was down around his mouth and Chin and I said. It really needs to cover your nose I know. Well, if you know then do it I'm sorry this it's no more. We can't screw around anymore it. This is dangerous. People are dying now all these hospitals in the mid West in the. West in the in the in the as Donald Trump calls them red states are all. CATA- catastrophic. The ICU unit or fill to capacity and it's you know. I don't know why people are screwing around and Donald, trump had another event at the White House today in the Oval Office with very few masks and no social distancing. Unbelievable. And yes. I watched the debate last night and I have some observations in some highlights and lowlights to share with you and our guest today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I see him doesn't accept my invitation on skype yet, but he's supposed to join us at the bottom of the hour. He being Nicholas Kristof who has a two time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who has a call them in in a twice a week column in The New York Times and he and his wife last year wrote a book called Tightrope. Let me get the subtitle for you because it's a very important part of it tight rope Americans reaching for hope. So they released the book last year and on Monday, the film adaptation of it debuts on the world channel, which I don't have but also world channel. Dot Org and PBS DOT ORG and it. It's a very personal. but difficult film because it's about this disconnect in America it's about poverty and hopelessness thus tight rope Americans reaching for hope and the income gap and the wealth gap and all the other inequities in our society. And I'll tell you you know and it was not an easy film to watch but it's something we should all watch because you notice during this campaign candidates talk about and this is not unique to this campaign. It's every presidential campaign and I've noticed this for A. Number of cycles. Going back they talk about the middle class. They never talk about the people living in poverty and I believe and I don't have facts to back it up I. Don't have statistics. So I'm just saying, I, believe that those living in poverty. Make up the fastest growing segment of our population. Sadly, and with the effects of this pandemic, it's only gonNA get worse. So we'll talk to Nick Christoph about all that but. I WANNA start today with a song that I found online this morning and I know that I'm risking another copyright strike. I know. But I think this is worth it. I really do and please you know the the thing is it's it's black eyed peas with Jennifer Hudson. A video produced by will I am, WHO's The guy? Who did the big? You know the Obama Song? Twelve years ago. Yes. We can remember how powerful that was. Well, this is one of those. And the black eyed peas tweeted out this morning and said Oh my God. This is just brilliant. Everyone needs to watch this and the black eyed peas.

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