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It live or on demand records this is still the sports leader scores rhody are tom we've never had this kind of offense before we've had some offenses it were pretty good but i mean you know what was the found that thirty seven points we've never scored vix said us and and more like a basketball game so i just think though that was remarkable and you know he's run i think he through five touchdowns at a bad more like a big ten basketball game but as rocket said in the break wnba game whatever the case i like it i love watching murder murder she wrote snuff films bringing them back to houston texas did him on sunday how about that really i i take it over how awesome that blow out was hey man look the texans are tune to right now and i think going into the year most people were probably expecting something like six and seven and nine aid nate i said nine and seven afc south chance because well it happens every single policeman year but pool that's the reset button and now i think it's time to actually reset those expectations the texans a probably looking at themselves right now with a whole lot more confidence defensive player seemed stunned on sunday and whether it was whitney merciless or judo wien clown e or bernard juric mckinney you saw all three of these guys after the game on sunday basically just dropped their mouth agape has really seem happy with what they're finally getting from the texans offense as a player was alldefense i love it gaza leave as wherever it is something that we are that i used to italy's but um would ever get used to it in a double row how are offense has become an all means ask woke up patrols mayors carolyn curry you for a lot of snow phone defense with as we get to play two minutes in harlem a code word mare island feulner viral who voted in nobody this is go go to a lot of course over our forces on those reports it's great to see.

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