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Each other's medical bills so they could help share your needs to and best of all, you could save a lot of money with Medicare. The typical savings for family is about 500 bucks a month. Your savings could be more or less. But think about what you could do with that extra money every month. You're not stuck with a high cost health plan. You conjoined meta share any time, So call them today and check it out. Here's the number to find out more and there's no pressure. They're super easy to talk to call 844 91 Bible. Let's 844 91 Bible 844 91 Bible. It was your healthcare update with America's health care advocate Carrey Hall do antioxidants really neutralize cancer causing free radicals? I'll be right back to give you the answer. Antioxidants do neutralize free radicals and convert them into harmless substances that can be eliminated. The body has a natural supply, but many foods are powerful antioxidants, foods like oranges, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, spinach, kale, yes, that broccoli, T tomatoes and Brussels sprouts all have natural antioxidants as well as vitamin A. C E and Beta Cara teen Hello, Zain Que tin think magnesium in selenium, which is found in garlic, well known medical institutions like Harvard and the University of California, John Hopkins, Stanford all say these could make a very big difference and reverse the effects of aging. That's a powerful message. Ladies and gentlemen, and the choice is yours. For more information, Go to our website. America's health care advocate dot com America's health care advocate dot com Don't even recognize myself anymore. I'm really worried about him his addiction. I haven't seen him like this. Never I never wanted to start using. I knew the drill, but I was out of options. I just want to tell him It's not your fault. There are people out there who can help people who have felt your pain. They know what you're going through. This has to stop..

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