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Say shutdown troy terry well they played their d they played their system okay what they did with they i mean they basically stuck to him like lulu uh they did the same thing with henrik bork strum and when you don't give those guys timing state they can operate curry had the clock on a stick core of i mean a huge amount of time you gain but i've met him stick hamill along the boards seven days a week all day every day it wouldn't matter because he can't hurt you from then that's what the tigers did they kept uh terry and bork's from the outside they didn't give him time and space and they make life difficult for joined by the vote voice of the c c tigers can landau tigers taking on the arizona state son devils this saturday and sunday at the broader more world arena um how big was if four alex leclair to i outplay tanner gillett for a series because i i think even even a observer that doesn't have a dog in the fight would say that alex was a better goalie both minds oh i think you're right uh you know maybe not so much on friday night because alex gave up three goals that he did he certainly like to at least two that he'd like to get back on wraparound and those are goals and goalies can't stand giving up uh but certainly on saturday uh he was the d much better goaltender uh and he played as good a game as he's played as a tiger an when he plays with that kind of focus in you know that kind of aggressive style he's gonna be more teams in not and uh you know he's he's a key for the tigers he played like that every night is teams going to win a lot of hockey game so let's talk about the the gains that they have coming up this weekend um i have to you know you gotta be careful with coaches and players asked him about this question i could shoot straight with you the i mean this this is prime for a letdown right i mean it mike hamlin has to guard against letdown with playing de you the.

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