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I'm not sure it's chivalry. Or he just thinks i have osteoporosis. But he's so great. Enjoy an mega. I'd love to know your take on this. I think i might propose to him. Is that crazy guy is yeah. My vets are old ladies. No fun and that's your vets. Yeah another dog joy and you know as a woman that's in a male dominated field. He's a man that's in a female dominated field. We're kind of you know i love it. Favorite show growing up was who's the boss. So we have our little like judith. Light tony danza. Dynamic going and but i think i might propose to him because well number one. He's a deserter. Euro doctor. He's got you know student loans and he cannot. He can't afford the engagement ring that i need to make my ex's jealous so i'm going to have to buy the ringlets shoe. I don't want him to lose to me. Because i don't want him to see my neck from this angle so i don't want him getting down at one eight so i think i'm just gonna propose to him. I think it's a good idea. Go for go for it. Well whitney you. You've made sarah's avs her. But since i don't have any ads you can keep telling jokes. Nothing's gonna ever hurt for me but listen after a year of holding socially distance comedy set in your backyard among other places. You're finally getting back out on the road with your national touch me tour when you might wanna rethink this touch anything. But maybe a better name would have been. Don't touch me there. Yeah what are you looking for. Though being out there on the road and being on a stage in the title me

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