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Happy for them forty now the dumpster, fire, sometimes elsewhere. Is really think that we're the only morning show that comes in and then there's something that's on fire greatly impacts your show. And it just, you know, sometimes it's other people not to be fair and probably cursing us something we'll soon break and caused great distress here and he talk radio world. But one of the other shows can't get into one of their studios for some reason today Wilson because he's a gentleman down there, trying to pick the lock would you be more or less concerned of Kyle's able to pick that lock Easley because it will say something about his background. Right. And he's got. So I, I don't know how it's going through the only ring random keys that I knew where they were, and wish them luck and then ran into my studio this morning. So anyway. Sex to be them. Okay. All right. So let's go ahead and just get this out there because I assume that this thing gone viral everywhere, and you all had seen it. I swear. I thought I heard news mentioned something, but apparently not. Have you not seen the great, WalMart produce fight, the Joko produce, fight dente Clayton video is that not? I thought that was everywhere. I referenced it this morning to Ross, and he was, like, whoa. And I can understand the frustration would lie based on the camera work, which sucks, by the way. It's not just the traditional instead of going portrait. And you should go landscape. I wanna in fact, I think people should have to practice. If you at any point in your life, or thinking that you may have to Johnny on the spot quickly film, something and you're gonna whip that out like a ninja, and you don't landscape that stuff with very rare. Exceptions, these should take your phone away. Landscape landscape landscape train with it, you know, work with let's say just sitting around and one of the pets is doing some goofy. Okay, boom, just, you know, the fastest guns in the west didn't get that way accidentally. Do you know what I'm saying? There's a lot of practice. So and, and that would be the normal beef. But plus whoever's film in this kind of helicopters, the phone for no, no reason that I can understand. And so it makes even harder deputy and said it is unmistakable. What's going on, in this video fight starts in the produce section? Everyone grabs their favorite fruit or vegetable in mayhem, ensues. Did you see the guy the old guy in the middle? Looks like he's just strolling by. I don't even know if he's part of the initial beef, but then he is. And he's got a he's throwing corn. And then he's got unshod corn in each hand, using it as kind of a mallet. So that's amazing. By the way. That's, that's Johnny cracked corn. I don't know if you recognized him. Yeah. No, he's famous in the street. Yeah. Yeah. I mean you got to pretend like you don't know who it is say you don't care, but ultimately, you don't wanna mess with that guy. And he just happened to be the WalMart at the right time. So that's amazing. The full running body check into the tomatoes. That's fun. That's amazing. Mike question is at that point, because I think people always need to assess what they would do in certain situations. Right. We this in schools for so many things. But this is unique situation because at that moment, there are people that are being roped into whatever this thing is. And by the way, this is in Clayton North Carolina. So any of you listening down that way same way? No. What's up here? To hell's going on. Why are they fighting there's a lot of people fighting what started it? What prompted it is. That is that Johnny crack corn. I think it is. I love some we got the video posted for you. Casey on the radio dot com. I don't know and don't semi remodels, by the way, does it news president spoke last night? Yeah, we'll get to Johnny one take hold on. It's Johnny crack corns turn right now. Or Jimmy crack corn, excuse me. Brothers, johnny. You have to ask yourself, what piece of produce what I use, and then all of a sudden it dawned upon me. I never understood why in the world we had a bunch of spiky fruit. But that's the thing now. So get makes sense now. Hey, what's up? Oh, thank you. Did that work? Kyle Wilson picked the lock to your studio using a folder. I'm concerned about his background. Thank you, though. Freesheet. It. You better. Keep an eye on your car man. Kyle Wilson's a secret hoodlum. He picked the lock of the door with a folder. If you see Kyle Wilson near your house with a folder. I'm just saying. That's not a good thing. He's probably coming to steal all your stuff. Oh man. Yes. Logan. What's up? The old guy should the corn corn shots would've won the fight too early. Logan, Logan, foam broke too bad. Feel bad for Logan. Look. Would you get? Would have to stay true to myself, if I'm over there, I would have to go potatoes, pendulum diet, big sack of potatoes, right? But now, you're but those likely anything uses now not going to be something that people can eat. And if you encourage people eat potatoes, or you would like to make mashed potatoes, who my big sack of potatoes. Just to clarify of, of potato, you're creating the code red potato. Yes. Yeah. Okay. That's you know what eventually it's going to be a soft weapon. You know what I'm saying? Hey, I got to see myself, there's lots g don't take the spiky on that. You never knew what it was. How about, you know, for you? You've got to go with things. You don't like unripe avocados should be your jam. Those things are hard as a rock. Yup. And you hate avocados and those would be. Those, it'd be good projectiles. Tomatoes tomatoes, I think would be least among them. Grapes. Yes jackass, who would who would grab grapes. Nobody nobody in the right mind. But as you veer through that produce section, there's got to be, and the right next all the baked goods are so you could hit somebody with a pound cake. Or some of those weird WalMart who just everybody by those, WalMart cookies. I only ask because they have the largest table full of like the WalMart cookies in these planets crinkly plastic things. And I just don't understand why you don't just buy your own cookies or make your own cookies. Excuse me. Because they look gross. But yet they put him in the middle of produce, whichever made any sense to me, even though the bakery sessions right over there. It's right there. Well, you got to put it or by the healthy stuff. So, yeah, that's amazing video. And I we didn't give it's due earlier in the week. But I know somebody listening at some point today know somebody that's in this video, whether it's Mr. crack corn there or it's dude who takes running start into other dude, slamming him into the tomatoes. The two chicks that are doing what's, what they hair pull head Bob. Stop it. Come on. I don't understand it. Regatta grabbed the back of each other's head like your dancing. Nobody's really making up any ground. I don't understand that technique. Video Casey on the radio dot com. They do send their around the center think about this. If you use onions, and you're able to bust it open, you get it into the eyes of your opponent. That's brutal. You're not that's or a jalapeno. What happens when you touch your face after you shop at jalapenos? You're down for the count. You're blinded. You're essentially a guy who would yeah. You are. What's what's dude's name from blood sport is blind people? Oh, yeah. Chung Li your Chung thinking, too. Yeah. With the crushed up crap put it in Frank dukes face. But his jalapenos. Your Chung Lee isn't cut up onions. And then you can flex your pets, and then throw jalapeno in your Ponant Cy, boom winning, and you know, trained for that, which dukes did. But that doesn't mean you're Ponant did all the managers at WalMart will cheating turn around and you see the big smiley face showed their back, Stephen shame. But because it's a smiley face, it'll be ironic because shameful smiley face. I do I will give the one there's a female manager towards the end starts coming out. She's like, what are you doing? Nuts. They don't seem to really care, but. And you know, that's just going to be obviously something. Now, she's got a deal with though, I would point out, probably the most interesting thing that's happened there that day. So. It's a little bit of mayhem going on..

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