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Insider says concert has expressed hope that coda's success and his own will lead the more parts for deaf actors and more inclusion to more diverse groups. In the meantime, he's got at least one more award ceremony to look forward to. He's been nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor, the film's writer and director, CN heater, has also been nominated for best adapted screenplay, the film itself has also been nominated for an Oscar for best picture. And finally today, what could be the final season of Ted Lasso is in production 9 to 5 max sites a feature from parade that says the show went back before the camera on Sunday, the 6th of March. Hearing the production started this kind of bittersweet. On the one hand, more time with AFC Richmond is more than welcome. On the other, the show was originally conceived with a three season arc. While Bill Lawrence, one of the show's creators has acknowledged that that was the plan, he's also said he doesn't think anything is closed off. And no point in missing it before it's gone. Speculation as the third season of tent lasso hitting in late summer or early fall seasons one and two are available now on Apple TV plus. As if you didn't know that. MacOS can brought.

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