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She's the mass math professor university illinois she says evaluations of math skills perpetuate discrimination against minorities because she saying minorities do worse than their white counterparts oftentimes most of the time and she's blaming raise their ace for that yeah she's blaming their race for that she said if one is not viewed as mathematical there will always be a sense of inferiority that can be summoned she adds that there are so many people who have experienced microaggressions from participating in maths and math classrooms where people are judged by whether they can reason abstractly here's the deal well of course you're going to be judged in a math class because this matter of class you you either get an area get enough it's the same in every class music class okay you had a music class jury they're going to get an air nagy passer fail maybe you have no musical talent whatsoever wherever going to be judged accordingly so guess what don't go into the field of music as a career guess what if you're not going to map don't go into the field of math but the bottom line is it's just like you know katie katie admits she she's not narrowed math i am mathematically challenged so the idea is if you're mathematically challenged you can still make away for yourself in a field of it a career field whereby you could do well look at all the people working the silicon valley you have programmers you have engineers that are probably naturally gifted a math but they've take that taken their gifting to another level by the course of study okay so they do really well the valley his what are people in marketing the cat kept balanced checkbook but they found a valuable place the silicon valley 'cause they're good at marketing or maybe they're good in sales they're they're good in certain management capable facilities so there are ways to do this you could it's not as if math is the end all right you just have to find what's good for you it's just like not not everyone should be going to college there's this over emphasis on people need to go to college to further their careers for some people aren't good at those kinds of rain studied them he art students said they had manual dexterity or you know physical attributes that would be more.

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