Capitol Hill, Charlie Rose, Congressman James Clyburn discussed on Matt Tompkins


Women now now now is what the democrats it adds not how i remember it i remembered that she liked it xinhua she wanted it down chen now nantes you know i am i was on saturday night live for a minute and i got elected to the senate because i failed as a canadian so decided to become a democrat politician richest similar but different john conyers has announced that uh he's not going anywhere either say they're they're democrats and the news media is not pushing them they're not doing segments on why john conyers must go why al franken must go why all these members of congress must go they're not doing that they're not too because their shells for the democrat party they're they're towel boys in the shower room of the democrat party that's what the news media's they don't hold people accountable hold republicans accountable not fairly and equitably but they certainly savage them and they go after them and all that good stuff congressman james clyburn you know him is he's big leader in the democrat party he mocked yesterday when a reporter cornered him on his way into an elevator members only you know elevator on capitol hill only members of congress and their staff when accompanied by a member of congress are allowed to ride certain elevators and the capital dejan other members only elevators and you gotta have a members only jacket with epaulettes in order to get a new not really but they do have these members only things james clyburn was getting on an elevator and a reporter or reporters asked him well you know should these members of congress stepped down they weren't being aggressive but they are asking and he said well who elected them and a reporter kind of befuddled said so there there's a different standard for members of congress and the elevator door closed as he was murmurings something apparently different standard for members of congress who like to them because harvey weinstein was not elected and charlie rose wasn't elected matt lauer was no elected mark helprin was no elected nowadays people weren't elected oh by the way jake tapper is senior producer at cnn was fired yesterday because of allegations of.

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