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Reached a bipartisan agreement with senators last week. More than 47 million people expected to travel this holiday weekend, making it the second busiest Fourth of July on record. There will be traffic of Triple A's Jeanette McGee says. There's a way to beat it. The road trip is going to be strong. Roads are going to be heavily trafficked. So where you can get out of town early or leave later? That's probably going to be your best bet to avoid heavy heavy traffic. Also, if you're flying this weekend, she says, Expect long lines getting through the TSH checkpoints and arrive at the airport at least three hours before your scheduled flight use radio 6 10 w T V N Sports. Lots of offense for the unions have Reds Last night. The tribe smoke Detroit 13 to 5 pounding out 19 hits. Jose Ramirez had three of them, including a home run. Red scored for the seventh and Six and the eight to blow open a close game something Philadelphia 12 4 Nick Castano's had to go ahead Grand Slam in the seventh Clippers were off. They open a series in Toledo tonight, retiring to coach Mike Stachowski will make one more visit to Columbus. Coach K and his Blue Devils will visit the Buckeyes on November 30th in the Big 10 A C C challenge and ribbon cutting ceremonies today at the new Crew Stadium. Ahead of the first game on Saturday from the central Ohio Hannity Sports Test Mat, According radio 6 10 w T V. N I'm Scott Jennings stay connected the Columbus in central Ohio on the hour 30 minutes passed and as news breaks on human again today was scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. The high 92 sunshine now in 73, to remind pet owners that progressive covers pets on your auto policy at no extra charge. We're making a really cute, pet themed radio commercial. You hear that snoring to sleeping puppies? Oh, they're awake, and they're heading over to that cute, chubby baby. That's just sitting there. What? Oh, now they're looking his face. Words will never do this justice. You'll just have to picture it Get coverage for your pets with an auto policy from progressive progressive if the insurance company affiliate's coverage for captain dogs included in the purchase of collision coverage in the subject policy term With Jiffy Lube Baltic air..

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