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Darien in the Merritt parkway from Fairfield right down for New Canaan I'm Tom Kaminski with the all new Subaru was sent ground patrol we got some storms on the way again today in a crackdown I guess is to be stronger than we saw yesterday I think so well yesterday was a beautiful day now you too with the day before how you lose track after what was the right thing though it would every day runs into the next that's the way it goes but varying amounts of clouds and sun very warm very humid in the showers and thunderstorms today they have the potential to be quite strong the the ingredients are there is just putting it all together and at the right time right moment in a little sunshine to add to that to get everything percolating so eighty five to ninety today heat index ninety five to one hundred thunderstorms coming to an end tonight uncomfortably warm and muggy with lows only seventy five to eighty Thursday partly cloudy still very warm and humid much of the day a thunderstorm or two tomorrow should not be any kind of an outbreak but they'll be a couple around eighty five to ninety and then we could call it quits with any showers giving way to clearing much more comfortable weather on Friday high seventy five to eighty the el tee's five day forecast mostly sunny it's a very pleasant seventy five to eighty Saturday and a mix of clouds and sun on Sunday with eyes between seventy four and seventy eight right now seventy seven humidity eighty seven percent and we have light southerly breeze is today's I a very humid eighty five to ninety a fish for us to talk about this morning and is moving ahead with its annual end of summer concert at Dick's sporting goods park in commerce city Colorado despite the threat of a move on a plague.

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