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I Islas did because we had actually had a similar case, maybe a week or two before that in about how to quote unquote code the call which in national cab may terms is to figure out how to assign at the right nature problem. Anyways, listening in on the phone call. This lady identifies her as a paramedic in one of the co workers has shot himself in the parking lot of. The ambulance company that they work for come to find out, I worked part time for medical transport in that is the corner where medical transports Richmond base was and. So I knew who was calling it in a recognize the voice and just sitting there remembering listening to that call. That's just Har hard enough fast forward a couple of hours the supervisor comes back or let's rewind. We sent crews out they staged waited for police to clear the scene because unfortunately, the county and city line actually runs through that parking lot. Anyways, crews went went out confirmed a male died in, I gave a radio Tommasi or four fifty five that's the time that we always have to give or there is a time that we always have to give for death. The supervisor came back a little while later was explaining it. He said the a, a male and female had come back from going out the night before they had argument in the parking lot. They were boyfriend girlfriend. She was trying to leave in. He said. He said that he had said, don't leave him at shoot myself don't leave, don't leave. And unfortunately the gun went off. Him explaining that to me identifying that it was boyfriend girlfriend, they left the car there. I instantly knew. New new, the male knew who shot himself in that was Jameson gray Powell. J F Jamie for short. Jamie was one of my friends who we went to high school together. He was a year behind me. He also volunteered for Henrico volunteer. Rescue squad in the same county that Ivonne tier for an I just worked part time with him on enabling probably a week or two before this incident. So that really that debt struck home in believe, once I found all that out, I've got up a left my console in walked outside tried to call a number of friends, of course, this is five in the morning. Nobody is picking their phone up. And I finally called my wife, who was working night shift at the hospitals in just laid out what happened and out like just a Hayes, just a haze of everything just going on went home didn't sleep the whole day. People were texting me people knew that knew where Wirt people knew I knew him. In dated. Yeah. Yeah. I would like to take a moment in say this also in this is for his mom, who I'm very close with not all the ways. But when she needs me or on need her for something, especially for the, the situation hold off on your Facebook posts. Hold on for changing pictures. There's a number of people who are for this now. Hold off on all of that, because a lot of the instance that we've had lately are also spouts his are finding out beforehand before notification. And unfortunately that's how his family found out man. It was not even like two hours afterwards people were posted, south tagging just just hold off hold off a day or two it's not necessary. We were all grieving in some some aspect, but there is a small community of us that are very against that in we tried to watch out for people because. We are such a tight close group that we do find out details before the news finds out, but that it also you don't know who's been notified. So hold off on that. So went to a debriefing pre sure Odessa had had followed that up or set it up, sees me. Quote, undeviating mess. Lawrence three. Yeah. Quote unquote, debriefing because none of us in that room were associated with the instant per se in that, that was okay was more just agreement kind of thing. And then went back to work went back immediately back to the same console back to work to do the same job for twelve hours runaway same day. You mean right away shakes Klay same day. So thirty six hours a week. And then I'll rewind real quick. I will give a shout out to mind, supervisor at the time he did ask if I was ok in gave him the usual bullshit answer. I hate to say that I don't know if it if that's allowed, but the bullshit Ansari of your I'm fine. I'm cool. We could change writing uploaded yet put that big e. But I mean that's what that's what I. Due to say, I knew to tell people, you know, hey, I'm fine. It's, it's cool. I'll take care of it. Yeah. So. We'll skip about five years sitting in the same console same room was on night. Shift for a number of beer, switch today's because of family and just other things. It's hard. Remember when I worked nights for a number of days, if not a couple of weeks after I would always look at the clock in the morning, and it was always ear for fifty five in was the strangest thing on I was like, man. This is weird in then that was probably my biggest stressor, there were other things that lead onto it. And I mean you add on top of being a communications officer, we only are only expected our life. Expectancy of on the job is only two years before you up and quit, and go somewhere else to figure something out so be thinking about have been there seven years. I was either doing something right? Or I was doing something wrong again. It's two years before you're out of it in your done with it. Entirely for the most part. Yeah. Is, is two years. That's why a lot of places have high turnover rates for their nine one, one communications, officers end people don't think that. I always acquitted, especially when, when I worked at Richmond, we were one of the few centers where you actually had to be able to do everything when I say everything you had to be able to dispatch a call women came in Sindh into the right appropriate truck you had to feel that nine one one call. You had to talk to that caller figure out what was going on in the new also had to keep your radio up to date with whatever crews were saying in you had to talk to two different people in also multitask. Like nobody's business in. I always kind of acquainted to playing a video game in. It's sad to put it kind of in that term. But that's what it was. But unfortunately, it was with somebody's life. One of the most rewarding things have done, but one of stressful things, and we go into about twenty sixteen twenty sixteen a hard year. I'm in account center for trooper Mars line of duty death at the greyhound bus station. That was March thirty first of twenty sixteen and I had just taken a break right before that gave my radio to somebody else. I was running a primary. So I was dispatching all the trucks for the city that day that, that was my job went outside took a break came back in, in not even three minutes into the incident on walking onto the floor in the girl is like you need to come take this radio right now. I do not want it. And I was like, what is going on? It can't be that bad. I just stepped out. Sit down scroll through their notes for the bus station on Mike. Why are we sending so many trucks to the bus station? And I read it as the trooper shot trooper down multiple other people down. And I was like, oh my God. Like, what are we doing today? And then the worst part to add, even a personal effect to this is two weeks before that me and my white miscarried. In, I should not have I should have never been at work. We debated about taking time off, but unfortunately, we both work, I work public safety. She works in the healthcare field in. There's no time to take off so unfortunately it we, we grieved with what we could with the time and I was back at work, and then trooper Jeremiah's line of duty death hit, and I was done. I held my radio for that happened in the afternoon sometime like noon, maybe even the alot earlier in the day, and I held my radio until six PM until night shift came in nightshift came in earlier. So it might have been before that. But the supervisor for nights was like you need to go home, now, it's like no, no on again. And she was like, no, like go home. We'll take care of your time. So that was I appreciated that, and even another shot up to Jamie's mom. Jamie's mom found out. We were talking about everything that happened before that line of duty death. And she was like, hey. Here's my address for my beach, house, down in the Outer Banks, you and your family just take a couple of days. Go get away. And that's what we did. We Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We we ducked out, nobody knew in. We just took some time for ourselves. So big shout out to her for that. Twenty sixteen also a big year. Not only that instant for trooper, Derm ours, line of duty death. But I had some, some problems with my supervisor that I worked for at Richmond in this is nothing against Richmond, aimless authority. This is nothing to get them. But there were things that I just did not agree on, and I started questioning Colin out on certain situations certain issues. And then I felt like the it was having a potential negative effect on me in what they knew that one of my goals was to get back into the. Field either at Richmond or somewhere else. So I was in the I was in Hanover, volunteer fire academy at the time for the year twenty sixteen in we were, we were finishing up in December twenty sixteen. And just one day during December. I woke up I started plot suicide start planning at out. I have the means I can figure out a way to just go and be begun. And nobody finds me until whoever finds me later on. But I knew that, that wasn't the way already have one friend that close that has killed him himself. I've a family. I'm not I'm doing one of the best careers in the world. There's no reason for this. There's, there's a reason why feel this way. And I reached out to Shannon Daniel Richmond, Abiola authorities. She was a close friend, and I believe I've told her this, but I, I actually tried to step in numerous times to her office before, but she was always busy, or something was going on in our will this is just not the day for it. And Finally, I, I stepped into her office in said, hey, I shut the door. I said, hey, I'm having some dark beans. I don't know where I am, but I want to potentially in my life. And she made sure that I was safe that it wasn't going to act on anything in got me to a psychologist at VCU that offered her services for us for anytime that they needed went in software. It was about a week or which is normal, the sad part of mental health is, there's no quick getting into see somebody so. When saw her she was like you definitely have BT ST. There's no doubt about it in she, she put me through a therapy called short its EM DR. It's I'm movement desensitization reprocessing in. That's a lot of words in really if you Google it, it is the most hippie thing. They wave a hand or a light in front of your eyes, and what it is PTSD is if we really want a devil into this even more. PTSD is your brain is basically not processed. Everything in, you have gone through the seven steps of grieving there, seven steps, or processes to grieving invented. It doesn't have to be a work related vinegar, be a death of a loved one..

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