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Two running backs in the, game now Higdon and. Fullback Ben Mason in the I two receivers. Split left for shape Patterson who's up under center Patterson. Calling for the snap gets it gives the Hickman breaks it over the left guard and he's able to get inside the forty to. The, thirty seven yard line boy it looked. Like, there. Was more there yeah sure did Devante by only the stop he's. A good football. Player he's everywhere he was their leading. Tackler? Last year he had thirteen. Tackles for. Loss at led the team he had three sacks he is a. Really talented middle linebacker second six for the wolverines under center. Patterson one setback Picton the give us the Hignett. Brexit right makes them and miss mix, another end miss hits it down inside the thirty. To the twenty yard line that's good for a first down and that's all all entourage higgin Kareem mix the stock for Notre Dame. Boy, that was a sensational could jump cut. Thereby, Koran. Hidden Beautiful piece of running I formation behind Patterson, Patterson goes, back to throw great pickup of the. Blitz and a complete pastor. Gentry covered. By the linebacker Coney but, that pickup of the. Blitz by the running back Hickman. Dan that we didn't see a lot of that last year that's a big pickup right there it went down low hit him right in the FIS, up ended the Blitzer and you're right that we didn't it was. A real failing for Michigan. Last year. And that was a good job of. Pass protection from the running back that play ends the, first quarter so with. Fifteen minutes to play in, the first half here Notre Dame the Irish lead. The wolverines fourteen. Nothing we'll be back with Michigan's next..

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