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Well that's where about thirty percent of the deaths came from. That was the single dumbest idea I've ever heard. Now you have your coney measures like you can't cut the lawn. You can't walk on the Beach. You know all around the country. It's getting nuts. I was a little skeptical of governor camp And his idea that Tattoo Parlors could open up and I thought that was a little risky and nail salons but then I saw the images of people. Let's see bill plexiglass. They distance everybody by six feet. Everybody had masks. Everybody wore gloves. And I said Okay I think you put your hands on like a teller thing in where you're getting cash said. Oh I think this might be able to work. Dr. Oz talked about ventilation systems changing like they did at the Javid. Senator can help Restaurants that can help nail salons. I can help other places open up. Now what state did the best? Well I would say. That would be the state of Florida and I don't think Rhonda Santa's got enough credit because while they were foreseeing covid nineteen positive patients into nursing homes with the most vulnerable population while the governor of Florida quietly sent a swat team of basically everybody under all of his jurisdiction into the villages. If you don't know it's America's. Friendliest hometown it's around. Orlando. I've been down there. It's the coolest place on earth. They got a million golf courses in tennis courts and Pickle Ball Courts and movie theaters and concerts and bars and restaurants. They got it all well. One of the first things he did was meet with the people of the villages. How do we protect you? And then every single long term care facility for the elderly and nursing homes. They were flooded with help support and mandates from the governor. Well if you compare the the COVID. Nineteen contraction rate of the people in Florida with happens to have a large percentage of their population being the elderly people. Retiring down there because it's better weather and cheaper And you compare it to. All these other states negligible especially compared to states like New York and New Jersey and Connecticut. But even states like Michigan because that a idiot governor whitmer blew everything. They're still you can't cut your lawn. Why not and governor. Santa's allows people to walk on the beach can't laying around on the beach. You gotTA little social distancing urging people if you're going to be in closer contact wearing masks we're learning from these things now we've reopened the country. The states that did well. What can we learn from them governor? This is with us. How are you sir? I'm doing good Sean. How are you doing well first of all? Thank you for protecting the most vulnerable and that would be our loved ones are grandmothers and grandfathers mothers and fathers that down in your state happily retired. Tell us what you did. Well you mentioned With the villages which yeah that's not a nursing communities are very active seniors but Very young the elderly population. You know all the populist very clear we message very early to the elderly that this that they were increase risk and there were certain things they need to do to reduce contact and so like villages for example. They stopped doing the indoor van. Say Usually or Party and they do a lot of fun things. But they stopped doing the indoor events but they still golf which social distancing everyone in an individual car and they were doing things that were safe but allowed people to have an outlet and I just checked the numbers this morning at the main villages hospital. There is zero. Villagers fights for COVID. Nineteen right now. And this is one hundred twenty five thousand people and not many contracted than many contracted at even at the worst points right now. Yeah no extremely low Positively Ray when we would do testing and so but that's just by doing it. The right way wasn't saying that they could not garden or do anything like some of these other states. It was understanding where the risk was and then minimizing. That are long term. Care for so mentioned on your show. We are launching our mobile Rv That does the forty five minute. Rapid tests deployed that. We were down in Miami yesterday. So that's going around and it'll be a central location. Then they'll have teams go out to various long term care facilities all the samples back. Run THEM THROUGH THE LAB. People get the results that day if you do have some staff member that's infected you get the results of that day. Then you can isolate that staff member. No one else is infected. Then you know it's okay if there's more To work explained every part of Florida. Government that you utilize to target and in a positive way protect would probably be a better word. The older population of Florida. We have The Florida Department of Health. So they would do a lot of infection. Control would go proactively at the beginning of this to the areas that we have almost four thousand long term care facilities not all of them have plus record on infection control so they went. The ones that we thought would be problematic. identified some needs. Were able to make corrections. I have a healthcare administration office that was doing Things like Making sure the hospitals wooden send back Covert positive patients to some of these places. Because obviously that would spark an outbreak. We issued rules about you. Need to screen the staff members every day. You can't have visitors you have to wear. Pp My emergency management department. We've now sent Sean. Ten million mass just to our long term care facilities over a million gloves and half a million face shield. Then I have the Florida National Guard. I have fifty strike teams for manned strike teams. They go into the long term care facilities and they test the staff and then the residents Sometimes they'll test everyone. It's it's people don't WanNa be tested. The residents they'll test enough to know whether it has permeated The facility yet and so it's really been all of our assets focused on where the most vulnerabilities are. So I spend. I spend less time trying to suppress you know people under fifty from doing their jobs. Because I didn't think the risk was significant there and we've had that is the one thing that there was one point where we thought that younger people might be more vulnerable than we originally thought but then that went away but in the end it was what we originally thought it tended to go after older people. Those with underlying health issues compromised immune systems. And that's where you focus like a laser beam. Okay based on what you've learned and shift show if you will in New York which was old. Let's force Cova. Nineteen patients onto nursing homes. That are screaming. They can't they're not prepared to handle it How do we learn these lessons and reopened states successfully? Because again the guy's never stops talking the shells the manufacturers if if they stop making the medical equipment that New York desperately needed New York would have been screwed so they kept working they never shutdown farmers. Never shut down truckers. Never shut down packers. Never shut down and stop. Those stocking shows never shut down so you know the has to be some lessons here that we can use an opening everything up safe low. I think do I think one lesson is is If you're doing what you need to do to protect the seniors particularly long term care facilities opening up. Your economy isn't going to affect that. If you're doing what you need to do it open up the economy just like if you keep the economy close but you don't do what you need to do for the long term care facilities as seen see these other states. Guess what. You're going to have big problems. So you can open up the economy and still focus their resources on the most vulnerable but they're not mutually exclusive at all and in fact. I think by having a healthier economy getting society back up that allows us to have the resources. We need to continue this fight. 'cause this is we don't know what direction the virus is GonNa take. We're and assume that it's going to be with us for a while. And so we're going to continue to need to verd- resources to our most vulnerable. And so I think that that makes the most sense. I think that's what we've learned in Florida That you can't keep the economy going now. We had obviously tourism and some things stop and I had construction going. We were accelerating big road projects in central Florida and South Florida. We've made huge progress on that all the while protecting By the way. How long are you going to keep the likes? I can't go down to Florida until you lift fourteen day ban of self quarantining. I can't go down and visit my friendliest hometown or anybody. I'm not saw but I mean even the New York Times at an article today saying New York City the most of the country on the east coast. And so that's what I was guarding against because Florida's that was spot. I told you at the time it was a smart decision. I said it on the air. Yeah he's smart to keep us out of there. I was smart and the thing is is obviously I think. New York's on the other side of the curve too. But I mean we're still situation where we WANNA WE WANNA keep that but I do think that We do have a good path forward. It's not it's not necessarily easy but we know a lot more about this than we did two three months ago. I think we know where the risks are and And well let me ask you this important question. I WanNa see baseball opened and I WANNA see. And I've been talking to Randy Levine. And Dr Oz. A lot about it. They have these turnstiles. That'll take people's temperature. I think we should probably say to the vulnerable population guys. You're going to have to take the season off not to be mean because we love you want to protect you but for those that do go in a stadium. My suggestion is if anyone has a temperature. They be pulled aside. You don't ask their name. They're entitled to Mega Medical Privacy. So you have a temperature just for the sake. Everyone else in the stadium. We'll give you tickets to another game Here this is what you do. If there's where you can get tested in case you might have. This is what you do with your family members at home this is what contract contact tracing means and say sorry will give you tickets. We'll take your name if you want Or give you a refund right there on the spot and then even if even if it means wearing masks in with that would you? Do you think you can do it down in Florida? Oh I think we've got a we've got. We've got to be innovative. I think those are interesting ideas. I know others have had others but We don't just in the FETAL POSITION AS AMERICANS. We figure out ways to to to live life and do this in ways that are going to be safe I think you need baseball back. I think you need the sports back. I also want our kids to be playing sports again. I think that this has been a big big problem. That they've been on the sideline so yeah we've got to do it and you're right. I think there are certain folks who are going to be much more high risk and I think that those are probably advised to to not go to events like that once they get underway But I think for most folks are GonNa be fine and look. I mean fl down to like the Miami. Marlins as much as I hate to say it. You know they're not selling out SCHON. So you go there. And it's probably it's Kinda social distancing anyways because the stadiums usually only about a quarter full And I don't know if that'll change With that is that open now for people if they want to go. No no well. No I'm saying the Miami Marlins when when the regular season game so but I think the I think you could definitely do it. And we also know that This thing is more trends. Want to lead the way and show everybody how to do it safely like you have been because they screwed it up at Michigan New York. I listen I'll throw a ball. I'll you know Gavin newsom. Did okay out in California. I think he's gone a little nuts. You know the idea that you can't cut your lawn or walk on the beach in some of these places stupid But listening to did a great job. Oh by the way. Did you tell me your mom likes me or lakes our show? Oh yeah definitely. This is what I'm going to do so I have a sped. You know I'm doing this new book and by the way I'm updating it tonight on the flint issue It's called live free or die. American the world on the brink but I have this special mother's Day card and I'm going to give it to your mom I'll give great your wonderful wife the First Lady of Florida and As well does that. Is that break the law in Florida? I don't feel like getting arrested. It's so we'll all look at it. There's anything then I'll just. I'll break the law. They're already want me dead in New York for exposing corruption in ineptness Anyway but we'll set it up on Hannity Dot com mother's Day gift. I'm I wanNA give you one. Thanks for saving the people of Florida the elderly population. You did a great job. I know a lot of people helped you. And all my credit to them in the first responders in the medical professionals they great. Thanks John. Hi I'm Robert Lamb and I'm Joe McCormack. And we're the hosts of the SCIENCE PODCASTS. Stuff to blow your mind. This show is the altar. 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