Orioles, Vita, Joe Altobelli discussed on Giants Pregame Show


On the hill with vita blue and bill laskey continues on knb are six eighty v sports leader all right welcome back and vr by the blue set next map the glass my name's bill laskey and we are joined by one of the great players the angels in orioles had and in our day i would think vita would you say are ehre i wonder if he was a rochester red we started was joe altobelli was there for a long time well let's ask him let's bring in doug the as how are you doing this afternoon doug i'm great gentleman how are you guys thanks for joining us joining us and you play with the baltimore orioles your first nine years and then you jumped over the california angels and just some great seasons you had with the angels and i want to start off with the baltimore orioles you started there and one a year when you first started playing baseball all the way back with northridge california one of your fellow teammates was dwight evans how did that come about and how was your relationship and friendship go with dwight evans as you grew up what was interesting when we ended up playing against each other in the big leagues it was it was kinda funny you know i mean we knew each other's families and whatever and and when dwight and i were in the all star team together we played against like the brothers and and rick dempsey and a couple of other guys that were in the valley gary matthews senior so it was we in the san fernando valley it was kind of a hotbed for baseball players during that time you started your major league debut was nineteen seventythree of the baltimore orioles playing third base when you became an orioles like vita said did you play with the rochester red wings i did giral to billy decode.

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