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Well, Paul Bear in there too. Maybe Yes, That's right. Discussing the end of an era. The undertaker retired last night. Our professional wrestling insider Justin Garcia? Yeah. That same Justin Garcia, But you didn't know. Did you ever see him in a real live house? Show? Our on site isn't working. Okay? Oh, yeah, all the time. I mean, I was all the time all the time all the time. Follow them around. I took a year off, you know, kind of like you see, people do for the grateful dead. I did it for the W W E as well. I'm thinking last night. How many times in the media undertaker. I RL as the kids say, Scott and, uh, I think it was probably about three shows that I went to that he was at. I was at a couple of paper views in Milwaukee. I know one or two of them was part of the stretch where he was injured, But I definitely you know. I know I've seen him a few times and that entrance I mean, you played the music and you talked about I mean, the entrance in person is in greater than experience. Greatest entrance ever. I mean, I know there's people Hulk Hogan, you know, with each of vitamins, the red and the gold and all that stuff and that music plays and people, you know, the hair stands up on the back of their arms. But Now for my money, undertakers entrance. Best interest of any person ever. Any wrestler ever pants down? Yeah. I mean, I think the only thing close for me from when I was in that teenager time frame was Beer out of show that stone cold with that where you would hear the glass break, and then Steve Austin come down. The crowd goes nuts, but I mean, the longevity of the undertaker. And just the fact that it was basically three minutes. You know, as soon as the music it's okay, we're just watching him walk slowly down the aisle for the next three minutes. Mm. So I'm gonna ask you for your for you. Mount Rushmore of wrestlers here. A couple texts have come in 85561616 20 we got I'd love to get a phone call in professional wrestling. That's my goal. If somebody wants to call it, I'd love to get a phone call period. But Hear texture says I go with undertaker, Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Jesse Ventura. Wow, another texture, says. W W E sash W W F ALL time. Mount Rushmore would have to be Hogan. Stone cold Steve Austin. The rock. Triple H and the undertaker. Okay, Mom, Rushmore only has four presidents. First of all, so I'm not sure that that is five. You've been stopped account Stop. Account. All right, Justin Soul is the undertaker on your Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling. And if not, who is but who would join him? Well, I think the better question is. What about Mount Rushmore of Mount Rushmore? Topics where we're back to that, Um, you know, There's so many different ways you can go. You can go with WWF w W E. Only you could go with the end of us. W I was Maura W. W s guy growing up. So because of that my list with lean heavily Towards that territory. My first love in all of sports wasp Hulk Hogan. I was a hunk a maniac as a kid, so he would be on there. I loved stone cold. Steve Austin. I was never a huge rock guy as much as everybody else around our age Woz. I would go with stone Cold Hogan, the undertaker and ric flair. So if you had to pick between Hogan or flare, Who would Who would you have chosen? That is one of the great debates. You know. Coke, Pepsi? Ginger Maryann. Cute. Open your portly flare. Hogan. Not only is in a debate, but if you if you ask me now, it's very clearly ric flair but as a child I was very loyal to the WWF and I only occasionally saw flair and didn't really appreciate the work rate or his greatness. So I would have, said Hogan then but now For everything that Ric flair did in the ring. And for the person we've learned Hall Kogan is outside of the ring. I would definitely lean towards Ric flair. Okay. Well, if look if we're putting in or if our for factoring in their real life character into this I mean, this is professional wrestling that that that's a variable that throws off all the calculations. Then basically, we're basically left with Owen Hart van on. Also, I mean, just based just barely missing my list would be Bret Harte, because there was another guy when I was growing up watching it right on. The cuts really loved Brett Hart. You know, Michael Sumit all these names that are missing the cut. How much was lost last night by not having a live in person. Crowd an audience at the event. Now what What they've been doing is what I call the Thunderdome, and it's It's just hundreds and hundreds of monitors and people have zoomed in tow, Watch or whatever might be so technically they're our faces in the crowd, but He wasn't alive in person event. That's kind of a real shame in the retirement of the undertaker. Yeah, the There was no crowd there. I mean, they brought out a handful of veteran older guys that he worked with Dr his career, which Amanda for being honest in this day and age of coded to have guys in that age group. I don't know how wise that is. But then again, we've seen the W W E kind of Turn a blind eye to covert throughout this whole thing, So it was kind of a disappointment that the fans didn't really get to give him that. Send off. I mean, you had the The cheers, but I mean, it was very much artificial, and you could tell. It's obviously piped in, but you could. It did feel the same. And that was kind of What we thought WrestleMania to where you had. Some guys have some big moments for the first time in their career, and that was even before they were doing the Thunderdome where it was. It was literally an empty arena with no fans in it, So I mean, that was the one thing that stood out to me not to get too off topic, but Watching this early on in the pandemic and scene ruffling in an empty arena you realized allow. This is not a sustainable model. Last question for you. The undertaker is retired, right? I mean, I'm operating under the auspices that that is it. This is not a bait and switch. This is not a Oh, wait a minute. One more match because a lot of these guys have retired flair and others retired, and then Claire. One more match or they flip toe one of these other, much smaller wrestling organizations on some cable network that nobody has. And suddenly You know, they're pushing 60 65 trying to still live in it. Undertakers done correct. Please, let him be done. So you can never say never, especially in this industry. I was very hesitant and I think a lot of us have followed this closely. It started to hear, you know he's not actually retiring and he's coming back and they're going to start an angle to build towards another match. And a lot of people were pointing to. Well, he still has the ponytail and a guy that's pushing 60. Why would he keep hair that long? Unless you still working an angle, and when we got to it last night, he came out and said, is peace..

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