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And they're these curious slit like holes in the in the closet doors and the den fascinated by advocate. Love that no hate it. The closet doors were those hollow wood doors on runners that squeal when you open and close them while just hear it literally heard it about eight inches or so from the bottom. we're holes. That looked like they'd been made by a flat sharp object like a knife. Every i won't be playing on the floor near those doors. My nanna would freak out and tell me to get away from their weird but not enough to alarm love it. I love the things that people all over just like you way i love it. Then we look back in hindsight and they're like weird. I ignored the daily. Until right before i moved into the house alone that my dad thought it would be a good idea to tell me. Yes these holes have been made by veritas sly because a woman had been brutally stabbed to death in the house. My budding serial killer named thomas. Not my dad told me the whole story as if he remembered it but in quoting from a new story here because i feel they can explain it better than i can. The following taken by a column by mike kirby that appeared in the sun chronicle on march twenty fourth two thousand thirteen fifty years after the murders occurred. Greet job citing your sources. That was wonderful. Thank you on january. Twenty fifth nineteen sixty three fifteen year. Old elaine martin returned to her blink lane home after classes at attleboro high school. Her home was ransacked in covered with blood then. She spotted the body of her mother. Thirty eight year old. Edith martin hardened police officers say they had never seen such violent act. Seven kitchen were used in the assault. Five were severely bent. Signs of a struggle were found in four rooms of the house. Medical examiner. Dr james jamie counted at least thirty one stab wounds on the victim. Wow that's insane. He told the attleboro sun a predecessor predecessor to this newspaper that this was quote the most vicious and heinous act i have ever seen. No rational person could have done such a thing. A young man was seen leaving the property earlier. That day in a car with rhode island license plates more than twenty. Four hours after edith martin's body was discovered pawtucket. Police arrested then seventeen year. Old thomas not junior of that city not attract star. Who finished seventh in the hundred yard dash at the new england and bench analysts and co combination. Yeah thought benching to live things about him. He's like and by ghana cracked the code invitationals. Clearly i wasn't invited. I wasn't in co-captain elective. The tolman high school football team had been questioned less than a year earlier about the murder of nineteen year old nancy and friendlier of pawtucket. Whose mutilated body was found in a pond three months after she was reported missing. I know that name fancy and friendlier. It's unfamiliar this time. After hours of questioning not confessed to both murders police said he did not know either victim in the frontier case. I hope i'm saying that right. Not told police. He was in a pawtucket parking lot when he spotted for near leaving leaving a story in what police described as an impulsive act. He forced his way into her car. Drove her to the pond where he viciously stabbed her ta- death and dumped her body in the water. The martin police. The martin murder police said was similar. Arash was a similar irrational impulse. Some impulsive act by a troubled young man. He just had an urge to kill one. Investigator says this so a little more on the case. Those knife marks in the closet door from the murder. I knew it as soon as he said like slit..

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