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Just the worst kind of obstructionism and there's no justification for it and they are entirely in the wrong now having said that there is something else worth celebrating today on the republican side which is the retirement at least from political commentary of one of the most strident than obnoxious voices on the american left member keith olbermann once upon a time before he ruined his own career by basically insane behavior and i'm not just talking about him naming me the worst person in the world one night he did uh which i think was fairly insane i'm you might agree with keith olbermann and if so i'm glad you this listen still but in any event keith olbermann it used to have a popular show on msnbc has announced that he is a retiring from political commentary will his voice be missed a did people notice that he was still doing political commentary if you're on the extreme extreme extreme resist resist resist left then maybe keith was important to you but the headline on the hill says gq special correspondent heath obermann announced monday that he is retiring from political commentary in all media venues and he has an online program i mean i guess it's a podcast called the resistance and his his retreat from politics here you know what it sounds like to me we could even play some of it for you a in 1962 in november richard nixon was trying for a comeback you just lost the presidency very narrowly so he ran for governor of california and he lost in a landslide anne a when on the morning after the election he said a gentleman this is my last press conference you won't have dick nixon to kick around any more in its boohoo boohoo the world is in good enough for richard nixon he just lost election get over it now keith olbermann what's the story behind his withdrawal in any event his podcast sounded like this i keep olbermann and this is the.

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