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This is nashville poorly this is about football and by the way we make a lot of money and right now as players would all of this stuff going on yala compromising our bottom line if aguada mlanga's compromise we will make sure your bottom line and everybody else's bottom line is compromised because it's about business lead the politics to other people we are about business no matter whether we liked it or not what we really say it would maskhadov said look you all this about money i've been here now i'm not sure steve i'm not sure steven aid that will what you said is right i don't know that the protest just stopping gets back to business as usual i think business is going to change the there's going to be a new normal there's going to have to be some kind of compromise at the very least i'm not sure you're right in terms of first amendment protections in the workplace no one's imprisoning the players for example for not espousing the political beliefs of the owners but i'm also not sure it's legally as cut and dried as as you've presented it i don't know that for example in owner can say you must abide by a essentially political ceremony because i approve of it you must participate in that ceremony that does get to be kind that does that is a speech issue that it's not just that you are not speaking your own opinion but you must support the opinion of the owner no i'm not so sure that that is clear and it would be it'll it's gonna be interesting to see how far up if this is actually a legal challenge this goes.

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