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So Camille's synthesis tweet that reads statistically, at least a few people in here accusing jorts the cat of being ableist also work at Lockheed Martin, and Camille then says, I'm sorry in advance, please help. A thank you for apologizing. It's definitely necessary. It's surreal. Also, we can help. First, who is jorts the cat? So way back in 2021, which feels like 6 years ago. A Reddit am I the asshole post went viral that read, am I the asshole for quote perpetuating ethnic stereotypes about jorts? It's the best am I the asthma post? Chevre. Like Hall of Fame. The gist of the post is that there's this workplace. It has two cats, Jean and jorts. Jean is a very clever tortoiseshell cat. And jorts, George is an orange cat. An orange cats are famously himbos and we love them for it. This is true. So, sweet himbo jorts keeps locking himself in rooms and Jean has to help him out of the rooms. Jorts is bad at cleaning himself, so Jean helps him. I'm gonna be honest. If this dynamic existed in my workplace, there were just two cats hanging out. I would go to the office. Oh my God, yes. This seems great to me. Truly. But one coworker apparently doesn't recognize how good they have it and takes issue with this arrangement and tries to help George pick himself up by his bootstraps. What this involves is just locking him in rooms and hoping he figures out how to get out and also like covering him in margarine, so he learns how to clean himself. She fucking buttered jorts. And it makes Jean sick 'cause Jean is helping clean off George. It honestly it really is like, it's a great story. It just is a fantastic, in detailed story about a cat that is not the cleverest cat like the other cat that is always trying to help this cat. What a treat. You just know jorts is so cute. You just know you look in a George sweet face and you're like, that's a cute fucking cat. Like, there's no photo of the cat attached to this post, but I just know that cat is cute. Correct. So the original poster of said am I the asshole post, says within the post, you can't expect genes tortoiseshell smarts from orange cat jewelry. And this turns into a whole thing. Op is accused by the person who butters jorts of ethnic stereotyping. And this is how George the cat was introduced to the Internet. A star was born. Think about Lady Gaga doing that one note from shallow, and that's jorts erupting onto the scene. So first, we must now go back to October 17th of 2022, where at Queen V tweets. My last time using grocery delivery and I got a man. He started refunding stuff that I knew dang on well the store had. I was so pissed I got in the car and went to the store he was at. Bro was literally standing in one aisle on the phone. Daisy, how do you feel about this tweet? I mean, it makes my going off in the sense that a lot of gig workers are really, really not paid well or treated well by any means. I definitely have to use delivery services and we all use them at times with my weak immune system. I definitely use them more during COVID than before. So it's like part of me is like, I feel. I feel reading the actual tweet in and of itself. Exactly. Is the best way to describe what happens. Of course, this means it's itself a whole discourse about gig workers, and ableism. Anyway, true. I am not here to engage in the discourse except to say that if you do need someone to grow shop for you, I would recommend the app dumpling, which allows the shoppers to set their own rates. This is not a paid ad. I just like this app. I've never heard of this app. It's really great. You can keep going back to the same shopper. Yeah, they send you photos of the produce to ask you which one you want. No. So this tweet from Queen bee pops off, obviously, doing the whole discourse that you can probably recount from memory. And in the replies, it's none other than George the cat. You might be asking, why does the cat have a Twitter account? And if you did ask our response, where have you been? Yeah. When all of this is said and done, when Elon has yeeted Twitter into space on one of his space X missiles, a cat accounts will be the last thing standing. Like redwoods after a forest fire, like they are the last of us. So George the cat's Twitter presents is usually immaculate, I would say. He's extremely pro labor, anti capitalist, all about improving workplace conditions. His account raises from tweets like, oh, look at the time, yellow clock, which is very orange cat and just general cat behavior.

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